Nikon P100 for SALE !!!

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dragon hunter

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Nikon P100 for SALE !!! ( Price revised )

Hi Guyz ,

I am selling off my 10 days old Nikon P100. Bought it to take some snaps during the Durga Puja ( a festival in west bengal ) ...Not a very good photographer...Thus selling it..

Item : Nikon P100 ( click on the link for specs and price from official site )
Condition : 10/10 ( used 4 days )
Accessories : all that came with box
Bought for : 20k
Asking price : 16.5k + shipping

Note :
Used screen guard from the first day so no scratches on lcd , and always used lens cover so lens clean. Always used a bag ( bought extra ) so no scratches on the body.

The camera is one of the best in that range of point and shoot. You will really be amazed by the pic quality. And it looks really great .

Pics :

Pics of Bill and warranty card :

If you have any questions plz pm.
Dragon Hunter


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What card are you including?? . A friend of mine is looking for a super zoom will talk to him and get back :)


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@dragon hunter

can u give the screenshot of the invoice/bill?

the bill u have given is warranty card only
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