FS: Consoles Nintendo Ds lite with R4 card


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Oct 1, 2020
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Got switch
Selling my dslite
With R4 card plus 4gb memory sd with many games installed for you to play.
Plus extra battery 2000mah .

Rs 6500 plus shipping 200.

Condition - the console itself is in very good condition . Works perfectly fine.

There is battery issue when playing games . I have manage to get about 40 mins or 1 hr. The extra battery may or may not work. I will run full test and let you know.

While charging also there needs to be very carefully put in the charging cable and it takes 3-4 careful tries everytime to get the console charging.
The charging port is slight bent towards up( not broken ) I have been charging this way since many years.

The charger itself is normal one but has little cut in wire.

All pics have been shared.

Please note : I can only assure that the console itself is fully functional and the R4 card works fine too. If required can share any test on video too.

Rest I have shared the info. All known issues have been honestly shared any unknown . I will not take any responsibility but I am happy to share any test result even in video for interested buyer.

This is only being sold because I got myself switch and not a distress sale. So all issues have been honestly highlighted.

Will advice someone who is good with tinkering to buy it.

Will pack it nicely but full buyers risk.


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I just kept it charged for quite some time and Now the battery is not holding the charge for more than 1 minute.

All this information is being shared to make sure the buyer knows that their expectation with this system should be clear. I dont have much time to look further into it. Could be battery is completely gone. Could be system completely gone. So upto the buyer.

Looking for quick sale so I am dropping the price to Rs 4000 plus shipping. this is not negotiable .


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up. Please go through above posts. As i made this thread with pics listed on OP. the console was working fine and even giving me 30-40 mins of gameplay. Now it does not hold battery for even a minute . I think battery might have gone completely. So considering all this new price has been listed.

Looking for quick sale so I am dropping the price to Rs 4000 plus shipping. this is not negotiable .


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Still available.

This could be a easy fix also possibly.However buy it at your risk only. No commitment from me. I have explained the exact issue . It was working when I even made this thread as seen in pics.

Rs4k plus shipping.


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with charger plugged in it does seem to working again. Not exactly sure what is the issue.

I have made a small video also.
And posting latest pics here with today's date.


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Started working again( 30-40 mins) after charging yesterday for hours
Taken pics (posting here) you can notice the green light ...took videos too which I can share with interested buyer.

However, please note and value the risk part too. There is no commitment from me on this. I am just stating every bit of information I honestly can.

Rs 4000 plus shipping is not negotiable.


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