Noob here, need suggestions about which console to choose.

Lightweight gaming mostly Wicher 3: Xbox one x(17 k 30 monts old) vs Xbox series s.

  • Xbox one x(17 k 30 monts old)

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • Xbox series s

    Votes: 5 62.5%

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Completely new to gaming. I read all the Witcher novels, loved it want to experience the witcher 3 game as well.
Should I buy a 30 months old Xbox one x(there is a decent listing at 17k) or series s?
Considering a rumor going on that there will be an updated version of witcher 3 for next-gen consoles.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.


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Why take used one when you have money to buy new one (well, you need to be lucky get hands on S series)?

Also, check PS5 as well. India is a Playstation country and the PS5 has already won the console war.


Depends on how much you plan to use the console.
If it's *just* for playing witcher 3 and you don't really care about games in general then go ahead with One X. If you plan to keep using it and maybe even try new games with Xbox gamepass then I would highly recommend series S as the older consoles CPU is going to be a bottleneck in future games.


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Good Luck in finding a PS5 / XBOX One X will make more sense as One S suffers issues when playing games, same fate as PS4 compared to PS4 Pro.
Get the One X and Game Pass Ultimate, once you have finished the games, you can sell the console and move to PS5 whenever the stock is plenty.


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India is a PS nation, so if you're looking for MP gaming, then forget Xbox. You won't have much friends and you'll have a hard time finding games, unless the game has server browser or cross platform support.

Also, remember, MP is locked behind a paywall in both consoles, except F2P games didn't need PS+ in PS since PS3 era. MS did the same for XBOX last week ,

If you're not into MP gaming, then buy the current gen Xbox Series X/S. Why? Backward compatibility is ****ing great with Xbox.

PS4/5 has no backward compatibility with PS2/3 games and they milk their fanboys by releasing remakes, then FULL HD remakes. I'm pretty sure they're already making 4K remakes of previous gen games for PS5.

And, another thing is that console game prices have gone full retard with the current/previous gen and unless you're rich AF, PC gaming is the better choice now. You can buy "old games" in Steam for cheap during sales and games in consoles, don't drop price. A decade old games are still being sold for full price.

Source: me play MP games in PS consLOL's since PS360 era coz hackers in PC. Nope, don't start a flame war. I can have my own opinions and am not a fanboi. I play SP games in PC.

Now MS has to just remove the paywall for MP games & I'll be jumping the ship.

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if you are looking into playing other games long term you might as well as go for a ps5 , given its ps nation here you will start to find ps4, ps5 titles used cheap sooner than xbox
if its purely witcher 3 , you can find used old xbox one and ps4 launch model 500 gb ones for around max 15k


Advice from recent experience, You should never buy used if you have trust issues mate.

People selling stuff normally don’t have use only first hand policy, they sell used because they are also ok with buying used and experiencing different tech.

For Witcher 3, Xbox series S will give you a sub par experience because you will have lower quality textures, 30FPS and a 1080p lock. Even a ps4 pro will give you higher resolution. A new Xbox series X will be your best bet, followed by One X.

No gaming consoles have international warranty.
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Bro If you want the best gaming experience go with PS4 pro or PS5.PS5 is costly but you can play backward games of ps4 no issues also if you want best witcher experience you better buy latest console trust me that game including RDR 2 are too good graphics wise.There is one downside with ps4 pro once u play heavy games the fans are going to run crazy so PS5 has better thermals and sony has lot of better exclusives.

But if you are fan of Forza,Halo and Gamepass then go ahead buy one x or series X no doubt one x is powerful the ps4 pro and series X but last thing it depends on devs how they optimize games also Xbox has better BC support.

If your on the go buy Switch trust me when it comes to first party games and few 3rd party it is amazing u can enjoy with ur family alot as well.