FS: Mobile [NOT WORKING - For Parts Only]OnePlus 7T


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Jun 20, 2020
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Phone Motherboard is dead. For Parts: Screen - Battery - Camera Modules etc.
Up for sale FOR PARTS ONLY is the OnePlus 7T that was used by the missus.

After recent motherboard malfunction, it was repaired locally and worked perfectly for more than a month. Then it went dead again.

The screen was replaced in mid-2022 from official OnePlus repair center at full cost. It was working perfectly. There's a new Tempered Glass on the screen module.
Further, the Camera Modules and battery were working perfectly too!

Priced considering the cost of the 7T screen, but open to reasonable dialogue thru' PM. Lowballers' messages will be outright ignored.
Since it is not working, there're no guarantees. Purchase is at buyer's discretion and risk.
I prefer a local deal, but if shipped, cost and risk at buyer's side.

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