FS: Video Card Nvidia Rtx 3080 FE


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good afternoon everyone.

would like to first thank everyone who came forward to help.

i'd like to update that @Usman Raza has refunded entire amount today afternoon to me. so its resolved.

would have preferred to receive refund much earlier, but would like to clarify that there was never a trust issue here and was sure the amount would be refunded.

Thank you.


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Why negative? Amount was refunded.
The seller had announced on 9th sept on the forum that he would refund the amount irrespective of his dealings with insurance company and that should have been the case. He should have transferred the amount without any rhyme or reason thus, the negative rating.


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While I'm really glad that @Usman Raza has finally showed up and refunded @ranakirti , I'd like to know what is happening on his end.
  1. Did the insurance scheme work out?
  2. What did you state as the product's value while ordering the courier service?
  3. What percentile of refund did you get?
  4. If not, how do you plan on taking action against E-kart? (we can't let this slide)
  5. Did you end up paying @ranakirti out of your own pocket? If so, (which I'm really hoping is not the case) I'm terribly sorry to hear that and you can let us know if there is something we can do for you as a community.
I hope Usman can answer these questions, as its important knowledge for a community like ours. Even if he refunded late (giving OP a heart attack and making everyone else weary about trading here), I'm sure he must have a legit reason for it. 60k is no small amount so it must've been quite the torture.

I'm sorry that the both of you had to endure different kinds of pain, but ultimately glad that it's worked out (for OP so far).

Usman Raza

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@agentmilo and everyone here just as an update from my side for now.
  • It was communicated here as well as to Rana directly 2 days post confirmation from Ekart that the GPU package was misplaced.
  • Had communicated to him at the same time that I'll be paying out of my own pocket at the time to avoid him being in a pinch
  • Was also communicated to Rana but not here that I was going through a family emergency at the time and it would be a week or two before I'll be able to refund since it was a sudden unnecessary expense I hadn't accounted for.
  • I let him know as well once I was able to come back to my work city that to wait till end of month for salary to come through so I can refund.
  • I did try to follow up with the Ekart as well as shiprocket , haven't received any compensation at all
  • I have paid Rana out of my own pocket as promised
  • The GPU package was insured for 49k, the actual deal amount.
  • I'm not a reseller, it was just a personal item that I was selling.

    Just to close it all off,
    Yes there was a communication gap on my part that could've been avoided.
    Rana has had my phone number and WhatsApp since the day I called him up to let him know the GPU was misplaced, you can confirm with him that there wasn't a single time when he called that I didn't pick his call or ignored him.
    As I had promised that he'll be paid once the salary comes through, which he was albeit 4 days late because of bank holidays and company processing it a couple days late.
    As for going after Ekart/Shiprocket, have tried following it up but there hasn't been any progress at all on that front. I'm considering it money lost for now.


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@agentmilo and everyone here just as an update from my side for now.

  • The GPU package was insured for 49k, the actual deal amount.
    As for going after Ekart/Shiprocket, have tried following it up but there hasn't been any progress at all on that front. I'm considering it money lost for now.
Why didnt you receive the insurance amount yet? What tantrums/dram is thrown by Ekart here?
Register an FIR against them asap and also on consumer forum.
Dont let them go so easily, in fact on consumer forum quote mental harassment and delayed charges related to compensation and claim a fair amount in lacs.
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I have been at the receiving end of such misfortune in the past, hence adding my two cents here.

I had a seller ship a 1080Ti from Delhi (I used my shiprocket account to generate the shipment and asked seller for everything like signed manifest and packing pictures etc.
The pickup guy did not sign the manifest, asked the seller to come 4-5kms from his home to get the package, and left immediately when package was handed over. So now we only had his cell number from which he called.
6 days later, I received the package, outer box was the same that was shipped but contents were changed to rocks, used aloe vera gel box and whatnot. I had made an unboxing video as the package weight did not feel right.
Shipping was from Ekart as well.

I immediately got on the phone with shiprocket support, told them everything, uploaded the video plus the packing pictures, sent them the drive link for them.
They got off the phone saying "we will investigate".

I was pushing every 1-2 days for follow ups, and sure 7 days later, they called me and explained a bit.

So basically, whenever packages travel between hubs, they get scanned for dangerous goods and stuff, so X-Ray images, weights etc are recorded.

And surely, they did found the X-Ray images to show that at the first checkpoint, the box never contained a GPU (almost no metal inside).

I kept pressurizing Shiprocket with legal action, they told me that I shipped (They assumed shipper would be the seller) the contents that customer (actually me) received. I filed an FIR against Shiprocket, Ekart logistics and the pickup boy whose number we had and sent copies to all of them. They finally caved, and within 10 days I had the money back. I think the pickup boy had to go to jail (this was when 1080Ti would cost upwards of 35K).

Threatening for legal action works better than actual legal action. But for companies like shiprocket, whose whole business runs on positive customer feedback, they would rather give up some money than have this legal thing show up everywhere against them on social media and other review sites.

So @Usman Raza I would suggest following up with such actions, and update here (or in another thread) as well.

You have already stated that the money is important to you, so if you just let it go, we on the forum who don't know you personally, will have all the reasons to suspect why you are now just letting it go. Again, this is your first sale post on the forum, you have no seller feedback and not many messages elsewhere on any threads.

@ranakirti I am just glad you got your money back.