FS: Video Card NZXT Kraken X52

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Jan 30, 2020
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3 years
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Not in use anymore
NZXT Kraken X52-
7000/- plus shipping

Bought on 25/09/2020.
Warranty till September 2026.
A bit dusty but everything is in good shape.
All the accessories it comes with are included.
I have personally used till two days ago from the day i received it.
Kept my 3600 really cool.

SOLD 1. Zotac RTX 2060 Super AMP Extreme-
37700/- plus shipping.
Yes, before you say anything, I know I am selling it at price I bought it for but unfortunately, I have my circumstances for this.
Bought on 30/01/2020.
It has been registered for extended warranty, thus warranty till January 2025.
It has ben used with a Kraken g12 bracket and AIO since the day I received it. It was not overclocked and since last six months, it has been sitting idly due to no use.
It is in really good condition, apart from some dust.
I have replaced the thermal pads and added washers to the mounting screws (similar to 5700/X washer mod) for better temperatures and mounting pressure.
This is the final price and I wont be negotiating for this.

1)I will not be taking any responsibility for any damage or delays caused by shipping company or unforeseen incidents. Shipping is solely on buyer's risk. But I will make sure to pack everything properly and share images of the package.
2) For any price suggestions, please use PM route. It is always open to any suggestions.
3) if you want any more information, pictures or test (keyboard) for any item, feel free to PM me. I will gladly clear any of your doubts or questions.


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