or [FT] Seagate FreeAgent Deskâ„¢

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Seagate FreeAgent Deskâ„¢ 500GB USB 2.0 External HDD
Purchase Date: 29th March 2009
Source of Purchase: Croma's Mulund
Warranty Details: Till 29th March 2014 [ Around 3.5 Years]
Reason for Sale: Want 1\1.5\2 TB internals.
Cost of New: Rs.4500 [With 3 year Warranty]
Box & All Accessories Included
FreeAgent Desk: External USB 2.0 Hard Drive (500GB-640GB-1TB-1.5TB-2TB) | Seagate

Selling Price:
Rs. 3000 Shipped

Trade Options:
I would also like to trade this + cash with a WD Black 2TB.
I also have WD Green 1TB and WD Black 1TB both with more than 2.5 years Warranty for trade if I get a big trade.

Trading Priorities:
1.Seagate Free Agent Deck 500GB
2.WD Green 1TB
3.WD Black 1TB

Accepting Priorities:
1.WD Black 2TB
2.WD Black 1.5TB
3.Seagate 2TB or WD Green 2TB
4.SSD [only if I hit a deal on the above first, and still have cash/Trade-able HDDs left]

Lowballing and Trading through PM only.
Please do not crap this Thread.

Local buyers Preferred...


Rs.2750 local Pickup.

Interested in Trade more than selling...

WD Black 2TB...

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Forgot to update...
Took a Seagate LP 2TB on 2nd sept...
Now only for Sale or Trade with GPU...

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Now Rs.2300 Local Pickup...
This has a PATA 500GB Drive inside it,
So it can also be used as an internal PATA Drive...
And Rs.2300 is good for an 500GB internal PATA Drive...
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