FS: Games Original Dualshock 3 PS3 controllers and some ps3 games.


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> Prices, I usually price very reasonably but these might be on the higher side since dualshock 3s are some of the rarest accessories in the world nowadays:
Gold - 1900
Black - 1600
Red - 500
Gow A - 350
Tomb Raider Triology - 350
Fantastic 4 - 100
Killzone 3 - 50

> Gold is in impeccable condition. It is spotless outside too.

> Black is perfect inside but has a few cosmetic signs of wear backside.

> Red L1 and L2 are not working but the rest of the analog modules etc work flawlessly without drift etc. I am guessing it should be repairable If you can open it up, which I am not willing to do.

> Considering how hard it is to find dualshock 3 controllers these days, my price is fixed.

Thanks for looking.


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