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For sale is my Palm Pixi Plus bought in Sept/Oct 2012 from eBay.com. The phone was bought for nostalgic reasons (wanted to sample Webos) and I have used it sparingly for one month. The phone has since been lying at my residence with me on office tours most of the time with my rugged Droids.
I have attached some pictures of the phone which should backup my claim of it being used sparingly. The phone is unlocked and 3G works on Vodafone and Tata Docomo as tested by me. It will work with other carriers as well.

  • Product Name: Palm Pixi Plus (Black) Vodafone Germany so 3G works in India.
  • Expected Price: Rs 4000
  • Shipping charges: Nil (the price is inclusive of shipping)
  • Description if any: Already specified.
  • Reason for Sale: Don't need the phone
  • Product condition: 9 out of 10
  • Purchase Date: Sept / Oct 2012
  • Remaining Warranty period: NA
  • Deliverables - Unlocked Palm Pixi Plus with working 3G in India, 2xMatte/Anti-Glare screen protectors for Palm Pixi Plus,2x Original Palm Pixi Plus batteries (Extra battery), manuals, Charger with data cable, Ebay purchase invoice will be provided
  • Shipping from: Ahmedabad
  • Shipping to: All over India
  • Preferred courier: Aramex
  • Payment options: Cash, bank transfer(NEFT)
The battery life lasts more than 2 days if sparingly used. It has to be charged in one and half days if used very heavily.
I don't want anyone to low ball. This is a piece of history and will give you the opportunity to play with an amazingly fluid OS which should've been one of the greatest smartphone OSes ever until HP screwed up.
Thanks for looking!




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@babhishek - I have mentioned the battery life in the description. It will last 2 days with low to moderate usage and 1.5 days with heavy usage. There are two batteries in the package. I think it supports apps. Check Webosnation. It has support for quite a lot of apps similar to what you get on android. It also has support for angry birds.
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I assume this will work on airtel 3g and the touch screen is perfect ?
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This will work on Airtel - if it works on Docomo, Idea and Vodafone I am sure it will work on Airtel.
I didn't find setting up a new profile difficult.[DOUBLEPOST=1369213753][/DOUBLEPOST]- BT file transfer - http://forums.webosnation.com/webos-accessories/184493-file-transfer-via-bluetooth.html#post1716441

- Whatsapp - http://www.webosnation.com/mojowhatsup-homebrew-app-bringing-whatsapp-webos


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the image provided by the seller on tradus is having verizon logo, which is cdma provider. also, the description is ambiguous. once it is mentioned as GSM device ready to be activated on VERIZON network.

Palm Pixi GSM is a hit or a miss, many sellers sells at&t branded as a 3g device, which it originally is, but because of difference in 3G bands of GSM in india & USA.


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The phone listed here is a vodafone germany piece - hence the 3G works in India. Verizon/Sprint phones are CDMA based phones and will not work on the gsm networks in India. There are 3 iterations of the Pixi - CDMA, AT&T GSM(3g doesn't work in India), Pixi for europe (3G works in India due to similarity in the network frequency).

It is easy to come across CDMA or AT&T versions of the Pixi but the European version is hard to come by.[DOUBLEPOST=1369674142][/DOUBLEPOST]BTW https://github.com/amoralico/mojowhatsup/wiki/MojoWhatsup-FAQ (Whatsapp)
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