PC Peripherals PC not booting with GPU

Hello Everyone,

I am facing PC boot problem from past one month when my healthy running computer stopped running one day.

At that time when it stopped, the issue came was when turning power on, CPU and GPU fan moved for a second and then stopped and there was no boot or boot sound.

One googling and reading forum it appeared to be PSU problem i.e. the psu is not able to give enough power. As suggested in forums I tried starting pc after plugging everything out and running it with cpu and just one ram. In that case it sometimes booted well sometimes not.
It also booted with I added all three RAMs and HDD. However as soon as I add GPU it stops booting with same issue of fan slightly moving.

With good assumption that my PSU is kaput I brought new Corsair VS450 psu. But to my surprise the situation is still same. With new PSU also my PC boots in minimal combo of CPU and RAM but as the GPU is added it stops booting.
Also, I am not sure but it appears to me that CPU fan is running in slow speed. In BIOS it states 1000rpm cpu speed.

Now I am in a greatest confusion on what part is actually not working. Is there issue with Motherboard or my GPU is not working.

My PC config are - some AMD Phenom X4 CPU, Asus M3N78-EM Mobo, Corsair XMS2 3x 2GB DDR2 RAM, HIS 512MB GDDR5 GPU and Corsair CX400 psu.

Kindly help :)


a faulty GPU can cause the display misbehaving and monitor not switching on problems when its connected via GPU. but its definitely worth getting checked before you call the power draw to be faulty.