PC within 25k budget - Bangalore


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Q: What is your budget?
25K (If something lower than this is possible , thats great, I can stretch it by 2-3k)

Q: What is your existing hardware configuration
DVD DRIVE - Samsung
HDD- 320gb seagate (both salvaged from friends)
Q: Which hardware will you be keeping
same as above

Q: Which hardware component are you looking to buy ?

Monitor-Dell IN2020M 5900
CPU - Intel core i3 2100k - 6100
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2-B3 - 3450
GPU - ??
RAM-Corsair 4GB DDRIII 1333MHz - 1150
Cabinet Zebronics Bijli W/O PSU 1100
PSU FSP saga II 350W 1500(will this suffice? )
KB & Mouse - Anything will do

Current Total: 19200

prices from TE PC buying guide(not quite updated, hopefully tomorrow) and SP road price updates thread

Special thanks to @DarkAngel- your guide is awesome

Q: Is this going to be your final configuration or you would be adding/upgrading a component in near future.
HDD:1Tb (as and when prices normalize)
Q: Where will you buy this hardware?

Q: Would you consider buying a second hand hardware from the TE market

Q: What is your intended use for this PC/hardware
working on:
App Development
Casual Gaming(FM 2012,FIFA 2012,NFS)

Q: Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them and the reason for your preference/dislike.

Q: If you will be playing games then which type of games will you be playing?
all at MED settings at playable framerate will suffice.

Q: What is your preferred monitor resolution for gaming and normal usage
not quite sure , been using my 15" laptop from 4 years so anything would be an upgrade

Q: Are you looking to overclock?

Q: Which operating system do you intend to use with this configuration?
Windows 7 64 bit
Linux - Ubuntu

This system is actually for(In following order):

1>Mobile Application development, and web app development that I am trying out(esp.for final yr. project, but this shouldn't require much muscle right :huh:)

2>Also I do some video and photo editing(would the AMD PHENOM XII 955 BE be a better CPU option?)
3>Heavy Browsing with like 20-30tabs open at a time(with a lot of video streaming)AIRTEL 4MBPS:clap:
4>Yeah, I will play games and it does feel better when they work without lagging :D but I'm not a heavy gamer so please suggest some MEDIUM end gfx card with low power consumption.

-->Also hopefully if the rig can be upgraded in the future and last me 3-4 years, that would be a silver lining.

Planning to buy it after the 22nd of December(exams end then) ,from SP ROAD(Bangalore) most likely.

All advice and suggestions are appreciated.


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Here is what i suggest:
CPU -Intel core i3-2100 - 6k or AMD phenom2x4 955BE-6k
Mobo- Intel DH67BL B3- 5.6k Intel DH67BL LGA 1155 Micro ATX Motherboard OR
for AMD Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3-4.6k
RAM -Corsair 4GB -1250/-
Cabinet - NZXT Gamma -2k or Zebronics Bijli(Gamma has very good cable management and also it is spacious case with good cooling system.)
PSU - Corsair cx 430 or Seasonic s12 430w -2.6 k (will suffuce for your needs,and get seasonic as it has 5 years warranty)
GFX-Sapphire HD 6770 - 7k or HD6670- 5k
Monitor-Dell IN2020M -5.9k

If AMD and GFX HD 6670 then total cost is 26k
If AMD and GFX HD 6770 then total cost is 29k
IF intel and GFX HD 6670 then Total cost is 27k
IF Intel with GFX HD 6770 then total cost is 30 k

If you get HD 6770 and get Zebronics Bijli then you can get a decent PC both for gaming and general purpose with compromise of cable managent and cooling for 28k (If AMD)and it is one VFM PC for all your need.
And IMO go for AMD as the Quad core will help you with After Effects and other softwares alike.
And the 6770 is VFM mid end GFX to handle many games 720 p high details and you can enjoy gaming on that monitor easily with it.

So shell out 28k and get the above if possible.


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Hey nishu,

Even my main confusion is AMD 955BE vs Core i3, I am currently leaning towards the i3, also the Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2-B3 mobo is 2k cheaper, will it affect performance drastically?

As for gfx I don't really think the 6770 is needed for the 20 inch monitor(was told so by other members in an earlier thread), infact I am deal hunting for a cheap used one.

Dont like how the nxt gamma looks(I think its ugly) any other suggestions

Also totals would be

amd combo-10.6k, i3+intel board-11.6k, i3+giga board-9.5k

ram corsair-1.1k

psu seasonic 430v-2.3k(not sure of pricing)


zeb bijli-1.1

thats a total of 21k,22k,20k respectively

leaves very little for gfx(should I run on onboard for a while, save up and buy gfx later?)

and I am picking up a UPS(APC 650) for 2k, so don't want to extend budget much.


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Cpu-Intel core i3-2100 -6.2k[lower power consuming than amd rig,best for 24X7 rig,better than x4 955be]-AnandTech - Bench - CPU

Mobo- Intel DH67BL B3- 5.6k

Ram-Corsair value ram 4gb 1333mhz-1.2k

Psu-Corsair cx430 v2-2.1k

Monitor-Dell IN2020M-6k or Dell st2220-8.5k

Case-Nzxt gamma-2.1k or Zeb bijli-1.2k [I would suggest you to get nzxt gamma,it has very good airflow and space,you can add hd69xx series gpu and 120mm cooler easily which you can't in zeb bijli]

Ups-APC 650va-3.2k

Add the gpu later when you save up some more cash,Amd hd7xxx series will launch soon,so you can get 6 series gpus at lower rate.


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Get this configuration, Sire --

Intel Core i3 2100 ~ 6200/-

Intel DH67-BL ~ 5800/- [better to get this motherboard over the H61 based motherboards as the H67 motherboard offers better features over the H61 chipset, in which the manufacturers use third party ROMs to add features like RAID and faster RAM timing support]

Corsair XMS3 OR G.Skill RIPJAWS 4GB x 1 ~ 1650/-

Seasonic S12D 430W ~ 3000/- [if you want to be future proof and have some power in reserve to upgrade components later down the line]

Dell IN2030M ~ 6200/- [for approximately ~300/- more you get a LED backlight and a good matte finish]

NZXT Gamma ~ 2300/- [best cabinet in this price range -- NZXT Gamma Review - Overclockers Club]

Hope this helps, cheers!!


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I will not be using rams with better timing, or raid arrays, what other features does the DH67 BL have that makes it so compelling(USB3 isn't) saving 2k seems more important.

And cant I take cm elite 310/360 or something, I will take it if everyone says its so good, but I don't like how the NXT Gamma looks.

also will buying better ram show any significant boost in performance or just in benchmarks, because i think the budget corsair rams should work for me.

I want to get the gfx card and finish the whole rig, and also gatekeeper is tempting me with the 22 inch monitor


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^^ Also DDR III 1600 MHz is the best timing for the Sandy-Bridge line-up, here is why -- http://www.anandtech.com/show/4503/sandy-bridge-memory-scaling-choosing-the-best-ddr3, http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/memory/2011/01/11/the-best-memory-for-sandy-bridge/12.

Okay go for the H61 board to save money, but do not compromise on the cabinet, get the NZXT Gamma, it might look unorthodox but the cabinet is better than the Cooler Master eLite series by a long shot [better interiors, airflow as well as the ugly facade has a practical purpose, it increases the air intake of the cabinet by simple physics -- more surface area with the same 120mm front fan]

Also if you'll compromise on the SMPS, please don't cry foul on the forums. The Seasonic 430W is the minimum you should go for OR Antec TruePower 550W ~ 4000/- at Golccha IT if you want to upgrade your graphics card to a mid-range card down the line.

Hope this makes my stand clear, Sire. Cheers!!


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Get 1600 Mhz RAM, if and only if it is not available/very expensive, then step down to 1333.

As far as the H61 vs h67, H61 appears to be a cut portion of the h67. If you can get the h67, its good, else stick to h61.


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I suggested HD 6770 beacause it would be a one time uprade to play max games on that monitor rather than getting HD 6670 and get stuck at low res or seting.

Also you can wait for the new 7k series cards by AMD.

So save up for now by using onboard GFX and buy one when the price will get down due to new cards.

And dont compromise on SMPS and even GFX is to be added so dont risk your GFX card by running them on cheap PSUs.


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There is no need to wait for the 7 series cards, they will be just rebranded 5/6 series cards of anything below the 7850. Only, AFAIK, the die will be shrunk down to 28nm.


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So I'll stick to this then:

Intel Core i3 2100 ~ 6000/-

Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2-B3 ~ 3450/-

Corsair XMS3 OR G.Skill RIPJAWS 4GB x 1 ~ 1650/-

Seasonic S12D 430W ~ 2600/- (thnx @nishu for price update)

Dell IN2030M ~ 6200/- or Benq G2220HD ~ 6900/-

NZXT Gamma ~ 2300/-

Thats a total of 22200/-, leaves me with little for the card, need another 5k(for Radeon 6770)...hmmm..lets see if I can find some stuff on the markets.

Thanks everyone.


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wait for few months and you can get a used 6770 for 4k or 5k i guess.

But IMO dont get HD 6670 or 5670 as they would make you think that you should have gone for 6770 , it supports most games at high details at 720 p and is worthy upgrade for 3k more than HD 5670 or 6670.


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^^ A HD 6770 4-5 months down the line is pointless, it can hardly drive games now @full HD + medium eye-candy, you'll need to get a HD 6870 OR GTX 560 [non-Ti] current to run games at full HD settings, so think about it.

A HD 6770 is a re-badged HD 5770 with a ~10% increase in performance so here is a comparison bench to make it clear -- http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/296?vs=290.

Hope this helps. Cheers!!


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ALPHA17 said:
^^ A HD 6770 4-5 months down the line is pointless, it can hardly drive games now @full HD + medium eye-candy, you'll need to get a HD 6870 OR GTX 560 [non-Ti] current to run games at full HD settings, so think about it.

A HD 6770 is a re-badged HD 5770 with a ~10% increase in performance so here is a comparison bench to make it clear -- AnandTech - Bench - GPU11.

Hope this helps. Cheers!!

Sorry to disappoint you but that didn't help one bit.
I was pretty clear about the config till that point.Now you have confused me, but I think a card worth more that 7k wouldn't be right for this rig, my cpu would cost me 6k, mobo 3k and gfx worth card 12k(approx 6870 price) seems absurd.Wouldn't you agree?

Anyway I think I'll stick to 6770 (will see if I buy it now or two months down the line)

Thanks for the suggestions:)


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^^ The Core i3 can easily feed cards upto a HD 6870 OR GTX 560 Ti with sufficient data to reach their peak performance, so you don't have to worry about a loss of performance if you put in those class cards into your system.

In fact the difference between a Core i3 2*** and Core i5 2*** series processor is not apparent until you start taxing the processor with tasks like Renders and multi-threaded applications, where the dual core-hyper threading formula quickly unravels and true quad-cores pull ahead. Compare gaming benches, not a great difference ~5-20 fps -- AnandTech - Bench - CPU.

Hope this helps.


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I just bought the following from aashirwad(S.P. Road)
Core i3 2100 ~6350
Gigabyte H61m-D2 B3 ~3075
Corsair 4gb 1333Mhz ~1050
Corsair cx500w ~2750
Msi 6770 1gb ~5825

These prices are exclusive of tax
I ordered Dell 2030M online at letsbuy.com for ~5600

But I couldn't find NZXT Gamma anywhere on SP Road, what alternative cabinet can I buy or can someone give a an online source from where I can buy it.
I have already spent Rs.25,600 and still need to buy a cabby! :(


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Is there any other cabinet that I could buy off the shelf, something cheaper maybe I have already over extended my budget.

and its is the V2, well I bought this because the seller was pushing it and was asking for 3k for the seasonic one which he didn't have in stock, but it should do fine for my rig right?