PCIE - 8600 GT or equivalent, ATI card will also do

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PCIE - 8600 GT or equivalent, ATI cards will also do

I need a low-end pcie graphics card that has very low power consumption, can play 1080p HD movies smoothly and (optional) can handle 1-5 year old games at lower resolutions.

- Low power consumption is the main criterion. Therefore I'd prefer a newer generation low-end card. Older generation hi-end cards that draw more power are a big no no (e.g. nvidia 79xx series etc)
- nvidia or ATI both are fine - Graphics card will be mainly used for display (browsing-surfing-downloading) and not for gaming.
- It should have at least one DVI port.
- Not absolutely necessary but it would be a big plus if it is able to handle an occasional gaming session on lower resolutions.
- Seller must have the orig bill + box + accessories.
- Card with 1+ year local warranty would be preferred.
- Local sellers would be preferred.

8600 GT is mentioned just for the sake of reference. Please feel free to offer any card that meets my above mentioned requirements.

Please include the following info in your reply/PM : Card's full model no. , amount of ram , expected price, Indian warranty remaining.
I need two such cards.
I've received one card from hellfire. Now I need one more card



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Got a POV 8600 GT (512 MB DDR2, 540 MHz GPU, DDR 400, Shader 1188).. Traded with one of my friends so don't have bill and stuff, have the Original BOX, Manual & the Original Driver CD.. Card is in good condition, Never OC'd. Can handle Crysis Warhead & Crysis on Medium Settings (No AA) on 1024*768 (My crappy 17" CRT) .. Need I say more..

Has a VGA, S Video & a DVI Output (no DVI Cable).. PM me a suitable offer..

I am in Gurgaon so either you can come and check at my place and will give you a 1 month testing warranty..

Lemme know...

Have a POV 8600 GT (512 MB DDR 2) ..


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I will have brand new XFX 8600 GT soon as it is in the process of RMA by rashi peripherals. It will have 6 months national warranty left + original bill/box/manuals/driver cd and also 1 day testing warranty by me. Bought for Rs.7461 from primeabgb.com on July,2007 and it will Cost you Rs.2.5k + Rs.130 Shipping at your doorstep.


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I will have brand new XFX 8600 GT soon

I'm interested but its way off my budget. I'll let this one pass :)
Moreover, is it guaranteed that the rma'ed card you will receive back will be a brand new one ?


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raheelshadab said:
I'm interested but no screenies could be provided when Bikey and few others asked for it :(
You have not mentioned it in your sale thread but wasn't the card won in a tourny by someone and that's the reason it has no bill.

Godfather said:
Why not a new HD4350?
They are around 2k now? :)
Since my requirement is not urgent i'm trying my luck here. Will get a new HD4350 if nothing good comes my way :)

abhisinalkar said:
got 8500GT .. let me know if you are interested.
Sent you a pm asking for details of the card.


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Sapphire ATI X1650 256MB PCI-e GFX for Rs.1400 shipping extra
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