iOS People with iPhone and Apple Watch, which charging dock you use (if any)?


I have a silicon charging dock which can accommodate an iPhone, Apple watch and airpods (not pro). I got this like 5 years back and it doesn't itself have any electronics. It is made of silicon and we need to use all out cables which I don't mind. But the phone doesn't stay properly and falls in front direction.
I have also never used wireless charging so I have no good if it is good or bad but general consensus is that it is not for battery of phone. So I am ok with wired charging.

People here who own both iPhone and Apple watch, what charging dock do you use, if any? Would appreciate a link too if it is still available and possibly couple of lines (or more) to give your opinion about it.
trust me none of the docks available here are worthy of a penny.

all on amazon are a waste.

thinking of getting a anker one from USA will use a freight forwarder for shipping.

This was what I had selected as a gift for a friend. Did not end up getting it though due to other reasons unrelated to the product. It supports only the earlier versions of the watch, so please do your research.