Persistent crashing on old hardware


My specs are i5-6500, GTX 750 Ti, 8 GB DDR4, Samsung EVO 250 GB SSD, B150M DS3H mobo, CX 430 PSU, Windows 10 Pro Ultimate 64 bit. All are on stock.
I know they are old, but still work well with the games I play - POE, Torchlight infinite etc

Of late, i am experiencing full system freeze after few minutes of gaming. I have to force reset the CPU. It boots normally and logs in to windows.
I have all windows update done, including mobo drivers and GPU drivers. I reapplied new thermal paste on CPU, so that can be left out.
I even downclocked the GPU using MSI afterburner, but still crashes. For non-gaming usage, there are no crashes.

Few entries in windows event viewer throw up -
Error Audit events have been dropped by the transport. 0
Critical The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.

I ran OCCT tests, and it freezes within minutes on Power tests. I have attached 2 screenshot. One on left is while playing a game. Other one is an OCCT power scan.

My questions -
(1). Is it a GPU issue? Temps are close to 100. If only GPU I can plan for a 1660 Super upgrade.
(2). Is it a CX 430 PSU issue?
(3). Could it be both?



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it could be both. 750ti is quite old, it will be beneficial for the GPU if you replace the thermal paste. This is a cheaper solution, it will cost you 450rs? for a good tube of thermal paste. if you still have problems, consider changing the psu then
What have you done to isolate possible software issues (if any)? As suggested above definitely try replacing thermal paste on GPU.
If fixed then good else I'd suggest a clean windows install on a spare SSD and checking if the issue is reproducible.

If still then swap parts one by one with known good to isolate faulty component.


I applied fresh thermal paste, but still it crashes. Need to reinstall windows and see. If still crashing, shall I change the


Its Windows 10 Pro version 20H2. Its a legit licence.
It should be 22H2. How often do you clean your system? Is the cpu cooler able to handle the gaming load, if not then you need a good aftermarket cooler. Also look carefully for any bent pins on the cpu socket or any dust accumulation on the socket. I'm not into that technical but faced similar issue on my H61 combo.


Cleaned case again and did a fresh windows install to 22H2. Replaced with a 1660 super. With OCCT in background, tried random game, GPU temp went upto 74 max, but still system froze after 15 mns of usage.
Should I replace the PSU? If any other device, might have to change everything heh.


It looks like that power supply is causing those pesky system freezes during your gaming sessions. If you've got an extra one hanging around, you could try swapping it in to see if that helps. Or, just take it over to a computer shop and ask them to give the power supply or the whole system a once-over


Added a new thread.

I will upgrade. This is tiring heh. Thanks all!