placements of cdac


I have done eng in 2012 but i dont have job ritenow.....But have an agrregate of,is it worth to join cdac....
Since there is 1.5 yrs affect my placements..???


Did you appeared in any freshers opening in any MNCs since you passed Eng coll?
Where have you spent your 1.5 yrs? I mean sitting ideal or reading/doing some project.

What ever was it, now you will not be considered as fresher. So you better go with some courses like CDAC. And prepare to project your gap of 1-2 yr in some quality work.
I studies DAC in feb 2013 batch. You won't face much problem due to gap as I saw others also having some gap and they got placed but you should have some definite answer. Maybe you can show some other work. But for CDAC make sure you are mentally prepared, it's called commando course for a reason