Planet Express And Aramex - A Fraud

Planet express is a freight forwarder[ just like aramex SNS , buy and ship] based In USA is old and is trusted by many.
So I ordered a product to Planet Express Oregon warehouse as it is sales tax-free, the product reached there on 16th March, then it was transferred to California from where aramex picks it up and the transit starts, the product reached the CA warehouse on 22nd MARCH and was handed to Aramex on 23rd as stated by planet express.

But From 23rd till date there has been no movement of my parcel, so I called Aramex and they said they haven't received the parcel, planet express says they have already handed it over to them.

Talked to Aramex India head and he confirmed me the same thing,

But the real problem lies that aramex updated on their website on 23rd March that it has received the parcel [ collected at the origin center and will continue to move to the destination country]

so basically I have lost 150USD, didn't took insurance don't think they will return my full money.

Will advise people to avoid using Planet Express and Aramex.

any member who has a contact in Aramex India can dm me please

photo_2024-04-02 21.57.10.jpeg
photo_2024-04-02 21.57.11.jpeg
photo_2024-04-02 21.57.13.jpeg

any member who has a contact in Aramex India can dm me please
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@calvin1719 Aramex is not as big as you think[ much smaller than FedEx and dhl] he handles SNS + healthcare services so yes I contacted him. he added me to a group call with his counterpart who just handles Aramex India operations and I asked for a contact here so that I can get to pressurize him directly.

@immolationepoch I have been using their SNS service and it was pretty good, there were delays but they never lost the parcel
the only difference this time was that it was through a freight forwarder.
a lesson learnt.