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5 out of 5
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Mar 24, 2022
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Local buyers only
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  1. Yes
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17 days
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Need to declutter
Selling my PS5, not used much. Only for F2F and local Bangalore buyers. Including the ps5 dust cover.


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What is the significance of system software version in PS5?

I don't that there is any jailbreak for PS5 ; YET ! :p
well, actually there is mate, ps5 on 4.51 & below are semi jailbreakable right now,matter of time before a full blown exploit comes out for the said version later sometime this year


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well, actually there is mate, ps5 on 4.51 & below are semi jailbreakable right now,matter of time before a full blown exploit comes out for the said version later sometime this year
with a huge used market place why would you want to jailbreak ? talk abt piracy used to attract instant ban. if you can buy a ps5 then you can afford games too.


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Wow I am surprised people still think about Jailbreaking gaming consoles with subscriptions like PS Pus/Extra or Gamepass which has a massive library.
We also now have many options to buy used discs at a very affordable price.

Not sure of jailbreak gives u any other advantages than pirating games.. (which makes no sense now)


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Dont want to turn this into a full blown off topic discussion, so this will be my only comment.

Jailbreaking is not only about having the ability to run backups. Its about running whatever you can run on the hardware you paid full price for.

@MarioBros @freelancer
Both of you mentioned the used market. Yes, for PS there is a big used market in our country. But this leaves out everyone with a digital console and everyone with a broken disc drive. Most discs available are major AAA releases, what if you want to play a obscure JRPG? Pay full price on PS Store? What if the game you want to play is not for sale in your region?

Better yet what if you want to play PT(Kojima's delisted demo)???

I remember rockstar pulling the classic versions from sale when the GTA Triology definitive edition came out. There was no way for you to buy and play the classic verions for a period of time.

I personally own a PS3 with a broken disc drive, I use it to watch anime dvd isos off of a USB drive. I am hoping for a homebrew plugin which will allow me to use my DS4 to play PS5 games, isnt this a completely valid use case for homebrew? There are many more, but at the end of the day only the enthusiast will care about all these things and it isnt a good idea to go about thinking everyone interested in homebrew is interested in running backups, although there is a fair case to be made for that as well as I have just said above!
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