Car & Bike Please suggest: Ceramic Coating


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Please suggest about Ceramic Coating.

Which brand you used for good result?
I am looking for a product that can be used on both metal and plastic with paint (and may be glass).
There are all range of products, from cheap to very very expensive.

I prefer to apply by myself....
Pls suggest from your experience.
Ceramic coating is great but it's not for our harsh Indian environment. I know from more than average detailing experience, all you need is a fusso coat wax, earlier this was hard to obtain in India, but I heard there are some dealers now here. You can check it's long term reviews on youtube, it surpasses whatever ceramic coating you think of buying.

Yes you heard it right a wax is performing much better than a ceramic coating, but only this wax. This is a legendary high quality wax made in japan.
Ceramic coating is great but it's not for our harsh Indian environment.


My brother is a detailer, we know all the ins and outs of this field. The ceramic coating won't last as much as the fusso coat. It's a different thing if you never go out with your car in rain or never park it in direct sun light or never drive on highway where the debris constantly hit your panels, it might stay on for 8-9 months but in real use, its 2-3 months product, after than it starts loosing its protective properties. Our environment is full of dust and grime, not to mention the acidic bird poop which eats though your clear coat if not washed immediately, kids running their hands touching on your car all the time, especially when you stop at traffic lights, contaminants getting baked in your clear coat due to extreme heat of summers. India is not for beginners.

I live in chandigarh, which is called the green city, a car which is washed gets a slight layer of dust on it the next day, despite any construction going on nearby, anything that touches your paint now generates micro scratches except water from direct pressure washer.

The fusso coat can match or even exceed the performance of a super thick very expensive high quality ceramic coating at a very low price.
Actually, all depends upon the quality of the product.
Too many fake products in ecommerce market....