Plz Suggest a 32" TV - noob query

Hello guys,

After months of struggling my dabba wala TV is finally living its last breaths. Thus need to upgrade.

I am unaware of techno stuff and trends in TV area, so please bear my noobness.. Mentioning some imp points

1. Budget- Around 30-35k

2. Viewing distance. - It's for my living room, so 8-10 feet approx.

3. Sources/inputs such as HD DTH/consoles/stand-alone media players etc. - Normal cable wala connection. Also looking for HDMI port

4. Preference for plasma TV/LCD TV/LED-LCD TV - Have no idea whats the difference between them and whats better.. Would buy better thing that comes in budget.. I guess LED would be best bet of all.. does it come in this budget?

5. Preference for brands. - As such no big brand preference - however prefer more common brands like Sony, samsung, LG, panasonic etc

6. Willing to purchase it from the grey market - If gets good price difference, Yeah.

7. Ambient lighting conditions of the room.
Normal - tubelight / CFL, daylight

8. Features I am looking for -

  • Full HD support
  • Good Sound
  • USB ports supporting as many formats of video, so that could watch movies in TV
  • If possible in budget, Internet connected TV for general web browsing, youtubing :p

Please suggest good TV as per the requirements.. Thanxx :)
40 inch will be better for 8-10 feet distance, so only choice in that budget is grey market.

Thanx for response.. Just rechecked.. viewing distance is 6-9 feet, me sitting 9feet place :p
Btw, parents said nothing more than 32 inches.. not a inch more


I am again telling you the same thing, buy a 40 incher for that viewing distance, if you go for 32 then you will regret your decision after 2 months of purchase, for 35k you get good options of 40 inch LED in grey market, samsung 40EH500 and Sony 40EX430 both cost 50-55k in showrron but only 35k in grey.

IF 32 inch is fixed then get the cheapest model which costs 20-25k and 720p Tv as at 9 Feet both will be same for a 32 inch TV