Portable Audio Rig - Audiophile Cable [Stereo to Stereo 6" End To End ]

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Guys ,

Another One On the Festival Season .

Audiophile Cable Stereo 3.5" Male To Stereo 3.5" Male

Imagine you have a portable audio rig .A Player and a Amp and would like to connect the Amp to the player using a short interconnect of excellent quality .Well Presented Here is a Solution With Excellent SQ .You Can Easily Use The Fiio Bands Two of Those and One Of this Cable And Boast As Much As you Like ;) .

The Cable Picture

This is a Male to Male 3.5" Premium Cable Of High Quality Cable And Gold Plated Connectors .The Cable Used Is L-2T2S From Canare Cable .Total Length Of The Cable Is 6" End To End.The Basic Cable The 6" One Is Excellent for Portable Player [ Source ] Connection To A Portable Amplifier .

Pricing Rs :850/- [ Shipping Rs :85/- Per Kg DTDC Air [ All India ]]

Kindly Buy By Clicking - > @ Lynx Website

Kindly Buy By Clicking -> Lynx Ebay Stores
We Have Limited Units In Stock .Do Buy These Please PM Me .

Specifications :

  • Its Made in Japan ,The Cable Brand Is Canare Cable ,The high density braided copper shield and two inner conductors (composed of 60 thin strands of copper wire), allow for maximum flexibility
    and reduced handling noise. A special compound PVC outer jacket resists cracking and tears even in sub-zero environments.Braided Copper Shield , Flexible in Extreme Cold Weather , Reduced Handling Noise , Rejects EMI and RFI .​
  • Its Gold Plated And Extremely Durable
  • Fully Crafted By Hand



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Quite a nice cable this. Decided to try it out before jumping straight to the ALO ones I'd been eying. Super fast shipping. Well built and not too stiff. Made my music sound slightly warmish on first listening, although I haven't had much time with it......about 10 minutes tops.

First time I'm buying anything online that looks better in the flesh than it does in a picture :p


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connect said:
finally one gone after 6 months ... sigh...........
Lol ,

Not Really Lots of them sold just not posted here much ,Many peeps in Hifivision forums also got this from me ,this is a amazing
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