Post your Rigs !

My first custom loop! Plenty of things I'd change in hindsight, but it'll do for now. System was built with regard to function, not form and cohesion. GPU temps have dropped 20+ C on load (hefty undervolt on air vs minor undervolt + decent overclock on water) and boosts much higher, but the main benefit comes from how quiet the system is under gaming and mining load. Rad fans are sensitive to GPU temps which is sub-optimal, but I wasn't able to source a coolant temp sensor. I was able to build in a drain port which can be accesed from the other side.

The Noctua A12x25, NZXT led strip and fan+rgb hub, 970 Evo Plus, and GPU water block were bought off TE. GPU was bought off hardwareswap on Reddit. I bought a 240mm rad off TE as well, but because I'm an idiot, I used screws that were too long and ended up piercing the rad channels. I bought a Bykski rad off MD Computers (shout out to them for stocking custom loop components and shipping stuff out fast) because it was the cheapest one I could find. Couldn't find 20mm screws so just took a dremel to the 30mm ones that came with the rad.

Enlightening (read: frustrating) build all in all. Also, lighting is just for show. I find it distracting and run my system blacked out generally. Next assignment, making my own PSU cables!

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Current Rig Update 2021 -

Note - The camera doesn’t do justice to its actual view in person. In some pictures the RGB was too bright and had to tone down camera focus to get it somewhat right or to make it look good in focus.

Most of the parts are old and will be upgrading soon to 12th Gen mostly. Need to sell current stuff like cpu/mobo/ram/cooler and ‘maybe’ selling either gpus as currently the 3080 Ti is a bottleneck for my cpu (haven’t overclocked it yet).
Also waiting for the Corsair iCUE Elite LCD H170i Liquid Cooler to launch here (This should complete my build).
Side Note - Is anyone familiar with OC? Any help would be appreciated (maybe in person or you could help over video call).
I’m Mumbai based.

PC Specs -

Motherboard -

CPU Processor -
Intel® Core™ i7-8086K Processor Limited Edition 8th Generation

AIO Liquid Cooler -
CORSAIR Hydro Series™ H115i RGB PLATINUM 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler

AIO Liquid Cooler Accessories-
CableMod AIO Sleeving Kit Series 2 (White)

CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200Mhz Memory Kit - Black

1. Nvidia - 3080 Ti (Founder’s Edition)
2. Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti XTREME 11G

CORSAIR AX Series™ AX1000 — 1000 Watt 80 PLUS® Titanium Certified Fully-Modular ATX PSU

PSU + Sleeved Cable Accessories -
Custom Cable Braided Wires:
1. CORSAIR Pro PSU Cable Kit (Black/White)
2. Lian-Li Strimer Plus 24-Pin + 8-Pin Kits
3. CORSAIR Front Panel Extension Kit (White) - 2x Kits

Internal Data Storage -
1. WD_BLACK SN750 with Heatsink 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (Operating System)
2. Intel® Optane™ Memory Series 32GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
3. Samsung 860 EVO 2.5" SATA III 500GB SSD
4. Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM006 - 2TB HDD 7200-RPM
5. Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM006 - 2TB HDD 7200-RPM
6. WD Red NAS - 4TB HDD 5400-RPM

Internal Accessories -
1. CORSAIR Commander PRO
2. CORSAIR iCUE Commander Core XT
3. Cooler Master Universal Vertical GPU Holder Kit Ver.2

PC Cooling -
1. CORSAIR iCUE QL140 RGB 140mm PWM Fan (White) - Dual Pack x2
2. CORSAIR iCUE QL120 RGB 120mm PWM Fan (White) - Triple Pack
3. CORSAIR iCUE SP140 RGB ELITE Performance 140mm PWM Fan (White) x2 (Used with AIO)

Internal Aesthetic PC Lighting -
1. CORSAIR iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strip Expansion Kit - 2x 450mm, 1x 350mm, 1x 250mm
2. Pirate Dog Tech - Corsair RGB to Aura Adapter (For Lian-Li Strimer Plus RGB Cables to Corsair Commander Pro connection control)

PC Case -
CORSAIR iCUE 7000X RGB Tempered Glass Full-Tower ATX PC Case (White)

Thanks and Cheers!

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Amazing built cheers.
hey, what's the 32gb Intel Nvme used for?


@Slayer88 how did you get that username glowing thing? Awesome build.
Thanks, man! The front logo and username are both machine cut carbon fiber stickers stuck on acrylic with an RGB lit box at the back. All custom DIY stuff. :)
Do you play non stop doom on it?
Hahah no, man. 'SL4Y3R' used to be my alias from back in the day, while playing Quake 3 multiplayer.

Rahul Rao

Amd 3900x
Asus x570 E gaming
Corsair 32gb ram
Aorus GTX 1080
Corsair Hx850i
Corsair k95 RGB
Lian Li o11 dynamic xl
4Tb x 2 Hdd
3Tbx2 Hdd
256gb samsung M2 SSD


Need some upgradation
Looking for a sensor panel and custom water loop.


Amd 3900x
Asus x570 E gaming
Corsair 32gb ram
Aorus GTX 1080
Corsair Hx850i
Corsair k95 RGB
Lian Li o11 dynamic xl
4Tb x 2 Hdd
3Tbx2 Hdd
256gb samsung M2 SSD


Need some upgradation
Looking for a sensor panel and custom water loop.
Please post the link clearly. I am fan of builds.
Ryzen 5800x
Asus crosshair fomula viii
Colourful RTX 3090 vulcan
G.Skill trident z royal 8x4 4000mhz
Asus ryujin II 360
Strix 850w
samsung 980 pro 1tb
Samsung 860 evo 2tb
Samsung 870 evo 1tb
cougar conquer 2
Custom sleeved cable by Senseimods
Arctic fans
Lg 34WP65C

Peripherals :
Corsair k100
Razer DA v2
Sennheiser gsp600

** attached the previous pic also on 2nd


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Harsh Todi

Awesome builds Everyone.
Here's my rig -water-cooling system

• ProArt B550-CREATOR
• G.skill Ripjaws V Series
• AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
• Corsair SFX 750W
• RTX 4000 16GB
EKWB stuffs!


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My 5 year old rig packing
I9-9900k w/ Corsair H115i
ASUs Strix Z370F motherboard
Gskill trident Z 32Gb 3000mhz Rams
Nvidia GTX1080Ti FE
Samsung 970 based NVME DRIVES.
CM850 850w PSU 80+ Gold
Razer Huntsman elite
Razer death adder v2
ASUS TUF VG279QM 280 hz monitor
The GPU here is the oldest thing and the most relevant even today.