PC Peripherals powering off after 2 seconds...


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ok i had some bad earthing problems with my old system which has got trashed for a couple of years . so was forced to get change my mobo and processor ,got a celeron .

the problem is that .... the mobo+ proc worked gr8 in the dealers place . but when i brought it to my cabiet ,(using same ram + smtp box ) it powers on for a few seconds .and then whooosh ...gone again .

the cmos battery's new . ram works on another rig. so does the smtp box . and its a new mobo + proc .

1. could there be something wrong with my wiring (but if it dint , wud it work in the first place ?!)
2. could some pin be broken (on my ride back home in the bike ) ?


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but if it dint , wud it work in the first place ?!

i too think the same...

see if there is any shorting happening btw the mobo & the cabby....if this is the case the above mentioned problem may come...(had this problem on my p-3 long time back)

check the temps on the powersuppy . . . . this happens after a few seconds u say?...does the Powersupply continue to work?

or is the system complete halt...?

the only other problem i can think of is overheating of smps..


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i faced a smiliar problem where nothing would work........try using the pc from a different power point.

if it works then clean your existing plug where u put in the power cable.....


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got the problem.... :)

the power button was jammed...so it was as expected turning off after 3-4 seconds !!!

just when u think uve seen it all ! : P .... 8 )