FS: Mobile (Price Dropped) LG G4 32 GB Dual H818P - Red Leather Back

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For Sale is

LG G4 32 GB Dual Sim Variant H818P - Red Leather Back

Condition -

  • Cosmetic condition is Immaculate, Pristine and Mint , 9.5 on a scale of 10.
  • No scratches, smudges, dents are there.
  • Usage marks may or may not be there, although i could not find any. But still it is safe to mention as it is a used phone.
  • Only negative on the phone is Screen Burn and Ghosting. This problem is very common with qHD displays on LG phones (G4, v10, etc.). It can be temporarily rectified using screen fixer app. More details can easily be googled. This doesn't affect the phome performance and operations at all.
  • Side bezels are still protected with the plastic wraps the phone came with.
  • Used gently and carefully with utmost care. Never dropped. Never Rooted.
  • Currently running on Android Marshmallow 6.0 v20e.
  • Have used with Reliance Jio, Vodafone 4G and Airtel 4G. All work fine.
  • Nillkin 9H Tempered worth Rs. 550 is applied from the very beginning and has been always used in a case.
  • No problems with the phone. Works like a 4 month LG G4 should.
  • The manufacturing date is Feb 2016 so it is NOT prone to bootloop problems faced in some earlier devices with a 2015 manufacturing date.

Reason for Sale:
Selling it as as i am moving to some cheaper Android with a bigger battery or may be an iDevice.
Battery life doesn't suit my usage and my work environment makes it inconvenient for me to charge a phone overnight as i have a field job and I travel frequently.

Purchase Date : Bought in April 2016 from eBay.

Warranty - None as it is an imported device. However, I can provide an eBay invoice if the buyer wishes.

What's included?
Box and all accessories except USB cable. Charger is a straight pin type. Quadbeats Headset is still unused.
Nillkin 9H Tempered Glass (already applied) worth Rs. 550.
Spigen Rugged Armour Case worth Rs. 999 (Excellent Condition)

Price : SOLD

Only local buyers. No Shipping outside Delhi.

Location : Delhi.

P.S. : I have tried my best to cover each and everything about the phone. Still if any serious buyer has any questions or queries, do shoot me a PM.
I am already aware of the prices and I have tried my best to price the phone fairly keeping in mind the condition and extra accessories included. This is not a distress sale.
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Hi Gauge. I am interested. Can you please give some idea what the battery life is like with Dual sim? Cause I use Note 4 currently get about 4~4:30 hours screen time which is fine for me. Quick charge later the day is fine.


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Hi Gauge. I am interested. Can you please give some idea what the battery life is like with Dual sim? Cause I use Note 4 currently get about 4~4:30 hours screen time which is fine for me. Quick charge later the day is fine.

Well i get different experiences in terms of SOT with difference usage patterns.
SOT of around 4 hours at 50% brightness with heavy usage. 4G turned on almost all times. Main usage is Youtube and browsing through Opera. Almost 1 hour of calls.
SOT of 5 hours or more when on wifi. Brightness set at 50% with moderate usage. Little bit of gaming and browsing. 1 and hour half of calling and rest usage being music through external speaker.

SOT is purely subjective and solely depends on one's usage patterns. Somedays when i use the phone heavily i get only 3 hours of SOT and on somedays with fair and moderate usage patterns SOT exceeds 5 hours of usage. Phone easily lasts a day with moderate usage. Battery life is good but not that great. The qHD display could be the reason.

Battery Output is not really a plus point of this phone, but it is really good for a 3000mah battery. The UI and smooth operation of the device makes up for its battery. The phone never lags and rarely hangs, and performance is really really good considering it has a SD 808 and the phone perfirms fairly well when comparing with devices running on similar specifications.

You can head over to a Youtube channel 'J TheAndroidFreak' for more insights on this phone. The guy has pretty much summed up everything about the LG G4 in a perfectly fine manner.

I read on XDA, after downgrading to Lollipop after rooting and some tweaking, battery life significantly improves.

QuickCharge is what that comes to the rescue to make up for it. This phone charges pretty fast when charged with a QuickCharge compatible charger or a Turbo Charger. It takes only an hour to get completely charged.

Removable battery is another plus here. One can get a spare battery and slip it in when running out of juice. Spare batteries along with charger are easily available in local market and eBay.

I hope this helps.


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where can I buy original back case, back cover and tampered glass for LG G4 Dual H818p??? Please help via link.


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Price negotiable for local buyers.
Bought a new phone so this needs to go fast.
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