Prices of Inverter ACs


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I feel the prices of inverter ACs will crash,just like the price of inverter refrigerators.These days even a basic 2 door refrigerator has a inverter compressor ,compared to say 2012 when inverter refrigerators where priced at a premium more then 40k upwards.
In order to meet future BEE standards, they will all have to come up with inverter Acs and now that they have a star label program for inverter Acs ,there should be some credible EER scores .


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For ac you guys should always get a EER greater than 3.80 to save electricity bills if and only if you are running it for 10-16 hours
For small time like 4-7 hours it doesn't matter
For ex in my house I preciously had a lg ac 3 star of 2.72 EER it would be running for 18-20 hours at summer season.Our bill would be 6-7k
Switched to daikin inverter bills came down to 2.5-3k.
These are my fav brands

2.O general

They have great build quality that will last you for years


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I feel the prices of inverter ACs will crash,just like the price of inverter refrigerators.

Inverter AC prices have already come down. AC prices have increased in past 2-3 years while inverter AC prices have remain constant or have witnessed a slight reduction. These days, as a rough estimate, if all other features remain same there is a difference of ₹3000/- for each Star. So a 4 star AC costs almost 3k more than a 3 star AC with a similar feature set. And a basic inverter Ac costs around 3k more than 5 star non inverter AC with similar feature.

Daikin ATKP Series 1.5 TR , MRP is 51200/- while Five Star ATF Series Mrp is 47200/-. The basic inverter model FTKH series is prices almost same (₹47700/-) as Five Star ATF series, probably it is lower COP of 3.0 vis a COP of 3.6 in Five star ATF.