Audio Promedia GMX 2.1 vs. H/K SS 2


Am basically undecided between the two. Would like someone who has had experience with them to help me out

(1) Which one to go for? They are priced within about 1k of each other. Auditioned both and was certainly more impressed by the H/K, though would like a 2nd hearing.

(2) Reading around I discovered durability complaints regarding both of them. Apparently both start coming apart in around 2 years time (conveniently after the warranty has expired). Would like someone who has had them for some time to refute/confirm.

(3) Are there any other speakers I should be considering in the same range. Budget will not exceed 12.5K in any event (am stretching upwards from 10K as it is). Edifiers are not locally available in Bangalore or so saurabh told me. Will not consider greater than 2.1 setups.
Razer mako is around 15k iirc...

Gmx has crackling issues after sometime with the wired controller...thats it otherwise its great performer, looks like a space shuttle. Havent heard the other one.