FS: Consoles PS Vita 1st Gen (OLED) + 4GB memory card


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Nov 1, 2018
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Not using anymore
(My previous post was locked. I'm assuming that was because the pictures didn't have my name and today's date on them)
Hi, up for sale is a PS Vita. This was purchased for a friend back in 2018. The said friend does not use it anymore and wishes to sell it.

The usb wire has a piece of tape attached to the wire just above the usb connector (pic attached below). This was present when my friend got the Vita. Firmware is 3.60. Condition is pretty good except for some scratches on the rear touchpad. The screen has a few scratches as well but nothing major.

Full Disclosure: The PS Vita was purchased from @nikhilmugali on erodov but the same sale thread is listed on TE (Link to the sale thread). You can match the MAC address and the IMEI from that thread. My friend and I sent our Vitas (his and mine) to gameloot in hopes of selling them. My vita was accepted but this one (my friend's) was rejected because the gameloot guy pointed out that there is an orange border around the OLED screen and he cannot accept it. You can spot the orange border that the gameloot guy was talking about in the first image (top right side of the screen). I can't notice it when the screen is turned on. It's visible only when the screen is completely turned off and the screen is under a bright light. As I understand it, this is common for OLED vitas.

I will also be including a hard carry case (the brand is CTA Vit) which was purchased for about Rs. 1600. Accessories included are a 4GB memory card (official Sony one), the charger, the carry case and a pack of AR cards.


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