PS2 Slim + Logitech PS2 Wireless Controller

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Logitech PS2 Wireless Controller

PS2 Logitech Wireless Controller in mint condition 10/10. 2 months old. Bought from Katmandude from newegg imported from US. Includes receiver for Controller. Battery last 4 months at avg game play. This controller not be found or available in India only cheap non branded.

Purchase price :- Rs.2100 to Chennai.
Sale Price :- 1150 shipped all India.
Whats Included :- Ps2 wireless controller, receiver, 2 AA Duracell battery, box included. Will ship in box packed.
Reason for Sale :- Got Jasper Xbox 360.:bleh:
Pictures :- ImageShack Album - 3 images

Pay and take it. No holding. :hap5:

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