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he doesn't game anymore. myself getting a ps5.
PS4 500 GB fat version around 3.5 years old (ig?). With one controller. A friend's console, but with me now so can check whatever is required. This is the newer version of the fat console without gloss finish.

Issue: The disc reader has some difficulty in locking in the disc. It goes in without a problem, but the console needs to be at an odd angle/ or a slight shake for the disc to lock in. after that it works perfect. Ejecting the disc is possible only in vertical position.

Contacted a local technician and he told me it is because the console was kept idle for a long time (can confirm). He said it is fixable easily but he's out of station for a while. You can contact your neighbourhood repairman and confirm. he also mentioned that the drive is fine as there is no issue in recognising discs.

Other than this, works perfect. I tried playing Spiderman MM (disc), Shadow of the tomb raider and warzone. All ran perfectly without a single hiccup.

Price: 9k + shipping.