PSP 2000 (Slim) - Hardmodded

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I am looking for a PSP 2000 (Slim Model) with CFW & modded permanently.

Also it can be in any Colour, with all the Accesories, Scratchless (Preferably applied with Scratch Guard), Memory Card of 1-2 GB is fine.

And Please PM/Post the details of Motherboard Version, CFW Version and Buy Date.

Also If it wasn't clear I am not looking for Temporary MOD i.e ChickHEN mods, as in that case even PSP 3000 works easily with it, But I don't want the hassle of reapplying the MOD everytime the PSP shuts down.



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I think u got the wrong impression.

Hard mod is not like u got anything done to ur motherboard or anything.

a softmod applied on a 2k series psp is as good as hard mod.

hardmod is done to the battery to install the CFW wen softmod doesnt work.

Ultimately the psp works on the CFW howsoever the modding is done.

i guess u need to go thru few of the posts here in the console section and the psp modding esp.
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