Query regarding Airtel Broadband, Kolkata


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Hello friends and fellow members

I am planning to take a new Broadband connection of "up to 100 Mbps speed" from Airtel, location New Town, Kolkata. They are providing router and installation free and it is optical fibre connection. As the sales representative had no idea about the technical specifications, but it's a dual-band router and from Nokia. So he sent me a photograph of the router. I have found the model in the photo. it is Nokia G-140W-f. I have searched online, but could not find any detail technical specifications of this router.

Could someone here please tell me about this router in detail? The following information would be really helpful, like maximum rated speed (for example 1200Mbps etc), the processor used, number of antennas, amount of RAM.

It would be really helpful to have some feedback on the quality of service of Airtel in Kolkata and that of this router.

Thank you in advance.


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