Android Question About Google Maps App for Mobile - Reducing Functionality ?


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Hello Experts,

As the title said, Just recently I encounter there is a feature silently remove from the Google Maps App which I going to describe below with pictures so that you get clear idea.
I tested this feature in my Android (Samy G.Grand)as well as iOS (Ipad 4) and it is not there.

Earlier (2 years ago) I create maps like this in my Computer browser after 'Log In' to the Google Account.


And it is instantly available ON ROAD when I open G Maps at the mobile and 'Log In' to the same account from the mobile device. I clearly remember it is under the 'My Maps' Option / Popup Menu and I choose my desired one among all older maps I created. Sometimes (after a new version release) it is deep buried under 1or 2 stage but it is always there somewhere.

But now where is this feature ?


After opening the menu


3rd stage digging the menu


And the Mpas History Shows nothing but the Maps / Area I browsed in that mobile device in the previous session.

To prove my point I used this system since year 2009 , then back it was Nokia N82 Symbian phone with Gmaps installed after that it was Galaxy Y 5360.

Here is proof : The first map I create to pinpoint a location in 2009.


Tried to search Google / read there help file and send feedback to them but no use, I post this thread here as if any one find any solution/alternate way as I see many Android expert out there.
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Thanks ayanavish for posting the solution, It won't work for me but thanks for helping

I'm able to go upto 4th stage where I can drop a Pin property listing , But then can't figure out what to do to bring a popup which will let me choose to open Gmaps App.

I'm trying this past 45 mins.


And if I click the below link I'm directed to this page

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