questions about quikr doorstep.


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I wanted to sell my graphics card so I put an AD for it on quikr.
I received multiple offers for it and chatted(quikr chat) with few people regarding its price and condition of the card and accepted two offers for it because they were reasonable and at same price.
Now I received a SMS that someone has paid for it and I can insert my address so that quikr can arrange pickup and money will be deposited in my account(after I fill up my bank details) after delivery.
My problem is can someone accept my card and after delivery then claim that they didn't get actual card or that it is not working?
It is less than a year old and was used for less than 6 months so I don't want to get scammed.
I thought I will get interested buyers and sell them personally after meeting them in public place or something.
How do I know who paid for it and did they even paid for it or just ordered cash on delivery?


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The money is held by quikr. The buyer can accept or reject the package when the quikr guy makes the delivery. If buyer takes it, quikr confirms the delivery and then sends you the payment in few days.
If buyer doesn't take it, quikr will then return the product to you and refund the amount to buyer. I don't know if there are any charges applicable in this case but this is how it happens. I've never had a buyer reject an item.