Rate the Last Movie You Saw...


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Watched some movies...

Gone Girl - 8/10
Transformers AoE - 7/10
Edge of Tomorrow - 9/10
Being Cyrus - 10/10
X-Men - DoFP - 10/10

JFK - 10/10
Open Range - 8/10
Wyatt Earp - 8/10
Draft Day - 9/10
3000 Miles to Graceland -10/10


2001 - A Space Oddyssey - 6/10
Guardians of the Galaxy - 8/10
The Signal - 7/10
Contact - 7/10

Dracula Untold - 8/10
No nonsense. Straight to the point. Fast paced. Good effects. Nice acting by Luke Evans. The climactic sword fight sequence could have been better. But on the whole - very entertaining.
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Interstellar: 8/10 Very good performances by Matthew McConaughey and others, Visuals were perfectly matching with the theme of the movie, thought provoking film :)


Radhey Krishan
Dracula Untold - 4/10 . The plot is known from the beginning so there was nothing surprising.
Hercules - 5/10
How to train your Dragon II - 7/10 . It did not have the originality like the first one , screenplay and story were weak .


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Guardians of the Galaxy - 4.5/10
(Not a comic reader.)

Found it to be utterly rubbish. Thank God for the vfx and HD.

Watched some 80's movies, theme: Varsity

The Breakfast Club - 7.7/10
Gave the feel of those cult american movies, a la The Warriors.
Took me a while to start appreciating this one, but turned out to be very good.

Just One of the Guys - 7.6/10
This one turned out to be just the kinds i was looking for. Light fun movie. Actually a lot more.
Rewatchable. Joyce Hyser was in top form and shape.

Summer School - 7.1/10
Another light movie. Lead actor did a pretty good job.

Can't Buy Me Love - 6.6/10
Decent watch, didnt left a bad taste once it finished.

Revenge of the Nerds - 6.7/10
Good in parts. Wouldnt have mattered if it had remained unseen.
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There Will Be Blood (2007) 8.5/10
Good screenplay, good score, great acting by Daniel Day-Lewis.

Interstellar (2014) 8.5/10
Good concept with amazing visuals. Good to see that sci-fi was not over the top. Good score.

Fermat's Room (2007) (Spanish) - 7/10
Average movie with simple riddles. Passable.