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Insanely Awesome!!
So finally I managed to upgrade from my X2 3600+ to something significantly better :D
It all started with me getting the urge to start gaming again, so picked up this 4870 1GB :D

However the processor seemed to be a major bottleneck, so decided to go for something better. The Phenom X2 555 seemed to be a good choice even if it didn't unlock.

Luckily for me I managed to unlock it into a X4 :eek:hyeah:

Now I needed a good mobo with enough SATA ports, USB 3 would be a bonus. After a long search ended up with this ...

Since I had already overspent, decided to get something better than the usual value RAM.

Here's everything in the box.

Played a little bit of MW2, BC2 and Dirt2 and the graphics are really amazing, since I'm not used to playing at full settings with AA :p (coming from a 8800gts :ashamed:), so far everything seems to be running smooth as butter :hap2:

and finally thank a lot to Bikey, Stormy and Zhoppy for all the inputs and Bikey specially for being so damn patient with me :p


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cong man and get the ssd drvier soon and nice update so is this ati 4870 an second hand card right :p

so how much fps u are having at gta4 dir2 at max setting with 1980x1080 p so let us know :)

and damage for each part


Congrats Amol!

That Chieftec enclosure could do with a bit of cable management I suppose. :p


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Great stuff. Really like the consequences of buying and accelerator, and ending up changing the whole system. Congratulation...!


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Is there any reason to go with rev1 as opposed to rev2 for this mobo ?

Didn't Shri Pad get the same mobo some time back.


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Other thing is for a touted USB3 board it has only 2 USB 3 connectors and the rest (14) are USB2.

Why still provide USB2 connectors when USB3 is backwards compatible anyway ?