RC cars (indoor and outdoor)


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Ive rewritten a PM to KMD today:

sato1986 said:
Dear Sir,

Please reply with the price of following 24-unit Buggy pack, as more than 30 TE members have been waiting for the same since past 3 weeks!!

Wholesale Case (24 Units) Mini Buggy 1:52 Scale Electric RTR RC Car ($12.50 Each)

Please apply coupon code: "SAVE5D" and reduce 5% on the final cart price.

The G.O. where everyone is waiting for your Reply:


Hoping for a prompt response. Please don't let the passion die.



On behalf of many interested TE members.


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arre KMd is I think out of station. He was last seen on 27th Feb on this forum. So please be patient. Once he returns We'll continue to get the excellent service we are used to. :)


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bro, how much will it cost, in total, for that Enzo Ferrari? in INR please. i can do local pick up from KMD, so shipping from KMD's side ain't a hassle...

am talking of the ferrari in Original Post :cool2:


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Pricing for 24-unit buggy pack: 1300 per car + local shipping (mumbai-you).

This price has been calculated on following basis:
Approx. weight of each buggy: 3-4 lbs. Hence approx. weight of 24-unit pack: 76lbs.
Though actual shipping weight should be lower, but hobbytron isnt replying to KMD's query for the same. :(

Hence the pack is costing Rs. 31200.

Currently at office, but il try to search more about the same when i get home as i assume the current pricing wouldn't be preferred by most of the members.
Please let me know if my assumption is wrong, and you are willing to buy at this price.