* READ FIRST ! * Guidelines on how to use the market section

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General Guidelines for using the market section

TE Market Rules

1. You must have the product you are selling in possession at the time of sale.

2. You must provide 2 clearly visible pictures of the product along with your TE username and date written by hand on a piece of paper next to the product. Try to provide picture of bundled accessories if any.

3. No proxy sales on behalf of banned members.

4. You are taking responsibility of the sale even if you are selling it on behalf of someone else. You will be held responsible for smooth completion of the deal.

5. Quoting Price is mandatory.

6. Bidding or auction is not allowed.

7. The market section is intended for sales alone and not Product discussion which is to be carried out in the technical forums.

Trolling and off-topic messages by members will be deleted on sight without explanation. However it is up to the discretion of the Staff to either delete or retain posts.

8. OEM software sale not allowed, unless bundled with the same hardware it was installed on/supplied with.

9. Selling any items that are illegal in nature is strictly prohibited. Products or Software which are adult in nature are also disallowed from market.

10. The Market section on TechEnclave is provided for the convenience of its members to off load any 'excess baggage' they have.

TechEnclave does not provide any express warranty on the items sold nor does it claim responsibility for trades conducted on the market. Both parties involved in a trade should ensure trade does not go bad.

For added convenience we have a trader rating system in place where you can check a members past record on the TE Market..

11. By trading in TE market, you confirm to have read and understood all the above and agree to abide by the above mentioned rules.

Here are few examples of how one should post the pictures of their products. ( Click thumbnails for larger view )

TE Market Guidelines

  1. Try to communicate clearly and confirm the deal and terms before accepting money or making payment from the other trader.
  2. Try to exchange contact information in advance before going through the deal. IF the trader is very new to TE, try to do face to face deals.
  3. Validate the identity of the buyer or seller before going through with the deal. Keep all the Personal messages / emails till sale is complete.
  4. Do not entertain any requests of providing samples for testing.
  5. Keep track of financial and shipping details until the trade is complete.
  6. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't. Please follow some common sense while dealing in market.
  7. Make sure you give proper and valid trader feedback once the sale is complete.
  8. If you find something fishy about the buyer or seller, contact moderators. We will help you out as much as we can.
  9. The personal information shared while trading like address, email, IM, phone numbers are sensitive information. Do not share it with others unless you take permission beforehand.

The following new rules are being added to the market section. In case of conflict with the previous rules, the following will override. (these rules will get merged with the existing after a few days to avoid any conflict)

Any new threads or posts from now on should comply to these rules, effective immediately. Any violation to the market rules will lead to a formal warning till 23:59 9th May '09. Post which infractions will be handed out instead.
It is mandatory to mention the reason for sale.

Any post which does not fall within the following category will be deleted and the user infracted.
  • Price Bump - The seller (or his specified representative in his absence) can update the price with a new post
    • The sum of the number of bumps should not exceed one in a period of 48 hours. TE is not a reverse auction site either. So use your bump wisely.

  • Express interest - the prospect buyer must clearly express the intention to buy and can ask any relevant questions about the sale
  • Technical and Supportive - It should add value to the discussion between the seller and the prospective buyer (all suggestions and negotiations on asking price and market price must be done via PM)
  • Rule check - Sensitize the seller (thread starter) if he is breaking any market section rules

Users violating the market section rules will be awarded 5 infraction points for a period of 7 days. Beyond a total of 10 active points the user gets auto banned, so a consecutive violation within 7 days of last violation will lead to an auto ban.

From here on if a thread is created without the required picture as mentioned in the rules above that thread will be trashed without any notification (apart from warning/infraction). So make sure you have the pictures with you when you create the trade thread.

New members please read the rules. Including the one mentioned below:

To create a thread in the Market section, you need to :

1. Have posts on the forum approved by a moderator.


- It is usual process and takes its time so do not PM a moderator asking for approval.

- Once you do meet the requirements, it will usually take a day or so for privileges to be issued.

Update on Sale Threads that are active for more than 2 months and Game Discs

1. Updated pics of the item on sale (with current date) is mandatory in case of the sale thread being active for more than 2 months from the day it was started

2. In case of sale of game discs, it is mandatory to post the pic of the disc in the box. Posting only the picture of the box will not be allowed

Any threads not conforming to the above will be trashed henceforth and existing threads closed till updated to conform with the above

Members are required to make a FS thread within 3 days of having taken the photographs of the product(s) they wish to sell, threads not conforming to this will be closed/trashed on the discretion of a market moderator.

Creating threads for iTrader feedback after already selling an item is not permitted.

Bulk selling / Resellers are no longer allowed. Threads will be deleted.
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How to start a new For Sale (FS) thread.

Simply follow the following instructions
  1. Click the 'Post Thread' button to start a new sale thread
  2. Select the prefix which best describe your product.
  3. Enter the name of products you want to sell in the title
  4. Enter the information about your product in the following format. Copy paste and fill this for each product that you want to sell.
    • Product Name:
    • Expected Price: Rs 6000
    • Shipping charges
    • Manufacturer page URL:
    • Description if any: Write anything about the product that you want the buyer to know. Like specifications or additional details on condition. You should also specify the additional accessories that you will be giving along with the product.
    • Reason for Sale:
    • Product condition: out of 10
    • Purchase Date: exact or rough estimation
    • Remaining Warranty period: duration in months
    • Warranty available in: Name of country
    • Invoice Available: If yes then post a pic. If no invoice pic or proof, then mention No
  • Enter these basic information about yourself
    • Shipping from: Name of city
    • Shipping to: All over India, Local buyer,
    • Preferred courier:
    • Payment options: Cash bank transfer
  • Please ensure that you have posted two pics with handwritten note with username/date, for all the listed products otherwise the entire thread will get deleted. Thumbnails of the pics must be visible in the thread.
  • Submit the thread
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How to pack the goods for shipping as detailed out in this thread

When shipping Electronics the best best ways to ensure that they are not damaged in transit - -

Small things which you can remember while packaging the material which i normally follow so that all the material i send reaches the destinations safely.

1) Shipping Motherboard/Graphic Card/DVD RW's, Processors -

Normally the above listed products come in a hard cardboard box so there's no problem with that, but sometimes u get Mobo's/Graphic Cards where the outer Box's are Big and the things inside the Box just keep on banging here and there which is not good coz these are after all electronic stuff which tends to break easily Image a broken capacitor on a Brand new Mobo or a Graphic card.....

So to prevent the above stated problems one can easily use things like Small pieces of Thermocol Sheets(Inside the Box if its not sealed), Bubble Paper (This is the best thing, wrap this outside the box so that the box can be used by the other person) so that nothing inside or outside gets damaged.

Now you have a Bubble Wraped Box , now cover the entire Box with a brown colored tape which you can easily get at any stationery shop and wrap it nicely all around the Box so that nothing of the Box can be seen.

Take a A4 sheet Print out/Ball pen (No Ink Pen or Gel Pen save it from water) the Shipping Address n Shippers Address so with the mobile nos so that both can be contacted easily.

Put this part of the A4 sheet on ur nicely wrapped Box and now use a transparent Tape so tat everyone can see the address where the parcel is being shipped.

2) Shipping HDD's

HDD's are very fragile as they normally don't come in nice Box packing or Plactic packing so you'll have to be a bit creative here

One can use a small Box like a "Box of sweets" normally you can get them lying around easily and then follow the same procedure sated above (make sure that you have a thin sheet of thermocol between the HDD and Box inside which ur packing it)

If you really dont get a Box still its fine keep the HDD on a peice of thermocol now cut the thermocol in such a way that the size of the thermocol and the size of the HDD is the same. now cut one more and keep it above the HDD and cut two long peices and place them side ways basically make a Box out of the thermocol it self now use tape and make sure the HDD and the thermocol are nicely fixed with each other ... now use the Bubble paper to wrap the HDD and then do the same as stated above.

3) Shipping Cabinets - -

Normally the High end cabinets don't require a gr8 amount of packaging as they already have nice thermocol cover on them which keeps them safe.

Now for the ones like Zebronics / I Ball specially the ones with Acrylic Side panels which can get a small crack too which is bad as the end user will not like to use a cracked cabinet at all.

One can get a single sheet of thermocol which is normally big enough and use it.

Normally the sides of most of the cabinets comes already guarded with thermocol sheets so just cut the Big thermocol sheet into 4 different sizes

2 - Size of the remaining space which is open where damage can occur easily.

2 - Size of the remaining space on the Top and Bottom of the cabinet.

Now place the first two sheets side ways covering both the side panels of the cabinet and use the tape and fix it nicely and then place the other 2 sheets at the top and bottom of the cabinet and use the tape to fix them nicely so that no damage can occur anywhere on the cabinet.

Now place the cabinet inside the Box and be sure that u use some amount of tape on the Outer Box so that the box remains undamaged during the transit.

Ok... that's all for today will be updating more in coming days so that no one ever faces a problem again while shipping and no one has to bear any loss ever.

These are just my 2 cents other Members/Dealers are also welcome with their suggestions so that we can help each other with the same.

Thank You
How to submit the experience rating for deals that you participated in as a buyer or seller

How to handle a dispute with a rating that you have received
How to be careful when buying goods online

Follow these basic guidelines for fraud protection when buying goods from another member, especially if it is a new member.
  • Get as many pics of the product as you need to be sure. The seller will provide it to you if he intends to sell it.
  • Speaking to them on the phone will ensure that you have a reference number which can possibly be traced if you want to take legal action
  • Ask the seller to provide reference of a reputed TE member if he can. Someone who has met the seller and knows him personally. Speak to that reputed member to get a confirmation.
  • Agree on a testing warranty and test the product on the same day it arrives. Confirm back to the seller if you notice anything wrong.
  • Ask the seller to provide a snap of the consignment before shipping and a copy of the docket slip with the reference weight of the shipment. This will ensure that in the instance of tampering a shipment, the consignee has a record of the actual shipment.
  • For shipping expensive consignments, it might be a good idea to insure it. Insurance charges are nominal at approx. 1% the value of the declared goods but will ensure that the courier does not mess up the shipment during transit.

How to handle a fraudulent dealer or deal after you have been conned
  • Start a feedback thread in the market feedback section so that both the parties can have their say
  • The TE members are quiet helpful and will objectively assess the case to suggest measures to settle the conflict
  • If you followed the above online trading guidelines and still got conned then you can try to trace the member with the help of the community

List of fraudulent members that you should be careful about
You posted a sale thread on the Market section recently and you haven't been able to trace its whereabouts. Probably you did not post it as per the rules of the section which was why it was deleted.

While posting a sale thread, ensure that:

1. The sale thread is posted based on the template given here. No exceptions!

- A template is advised so as to provide as much information about the item you are selling while putting it in a concise way. If any information is missing (for eg. location, warranty details), the thread shall be trashed without prior notification.

2. At least TWO snaps are posted as per the rules (the date and TE ID handwritten on a piece of paper) and/or thumbnails/low-res. snaps are visible on the sale thread. A separate link for the snaps may be given but at least two images (thumbails or images itself) on the sale thread are mandatory!

- Upload the snaps to TE's image host or a free image host such as Imgur. Please avoid hotlinks from other forums.

- Useless excuses such as 'I am at the office right now and cannot post images. Will do that once I reach home!', 'I lent my camera to my friend. Shall post the images once I get it back from him/her.' etc shall not be tolerated. The thread shall be instantly trashed!

- Snaps older than 3 days from the day of clicking does not conform with the rules and the thread would be deleted.

- Snaps should be of a reasonable resolution - 1024 x 768 is more than sufficient. Include as many snaps as you would want to showcase your product or any specific details such as defects or dents. Kindly do not upload snaps of very low resolution or very high resolution (>8 MP). High resolution images consume a considerable amount of bandwidth to load the thread!

3. The item listed for sale is in your possession, when the sale thread is listed.

- If your friend has it or if you have just bought the item on Amazon/eBay/<random e-commerce site> and it is in transit, it does not qualify for the listing!

4. Sale threads (and successive posts) having references and links to other forums for trader profiles, images etc. would be deleted on sight. When a sale thread is posted on TE, we expect members to post all the information at one place.

5. Sale threads created for market feedback ratings after the sale has been done, is not permitted.

The sale may have happened over PMs, messages, emails or other means but as long as the sale thread was not in place before, a thread cannot be created later for exchanging feedback and will be deleted on sight.

6. Sale threads which relate to and/or promote smoking, drugs, alcohol and sex are not permitted. Members are requested not to post such sale threads on TE's market section. Such threads shall be instantly trashed!

Eg. Fancy cigarette lighters, smoking pipes, souvenir liquor bottles etc.


Sale threads violating these rules shall be trashed without prior intimations. The guidelines to use this section have been laid out here. It is advisable for the new members (and the old ones who've been out of touch) to go through the same prior to posting a sale thread to avoid deletions!
In light of multiple issues with boxed/sealed products[*], only personally used items are permitted.

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