FS: Mobile redmi 1s - cracked screen

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Up for sale is a Redmi 1S bought on 2nd September, 2014.
Fell from hand last week and the lower end of the glass broke.
Phone is completely usable and has no other damages other than the visible one.

has warranty, but obviously this damage wont be covered. Betweeen xiaomi and flipkart, have got a quote for repairing this right from 3k(Bangalore Service Center) to 7.5k(Mumbai Thane service center).

Putting it up on sale here as if someone wants it for dev/testing, will work out well without the repair.

No shipping, no holding.

Can be picked up from Vikroli, Mumbai.
Will be travelling to Kolkata/Bangalore next month so can get it there then provided you are ready to commit to buying first hand.

Can put up additional picture if you want.

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So much for shatter proof glass, eh?
All these glasses shatter. Mind you, they do call the glass as scratch resistant and not crack resistant.

Plastic wont shatter and i would rather have plastic screen which scratches than glass screen which shatters.
But then with all manufactures moving to one or other sort of glass for aesthetic reasons i guess, have to live with it.
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