Registry EditinG Has been Disabled


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Whenever I try the command regedit or try to add nething to registry it just gives an error sayin- "registry editing has been disabled by the administrator"
and the pc restarts

Now I am the administrator, how to re enable it if it actually has been disabled by mistake or is it a virus on my pc coz I dont have an anti virus.

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dude ur pc is affected by a trojan u can rename ur regedit.exe to and then try accessing it and pls install a antivirus asap if u still wanna do regedit use 3rd party reg editor use google :D
EDIT: ok found the link tht had helped me see here


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i had the same problem before.

see how many instances of csrss.exe is running on ur comp in task manager

if there r 2 then one will be all caps and one in all small letters. the one in all caps is the virus. u will have to kill the process in windows and remove it with an av program