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I want to buy an external HDD for storing movies etc. to watch when I am travelling for long periods.

Although I would prefer a lighter HDD, but more important is the reliability for me.then the weight.

Should I go for the Portable type or should I go for the Desktop version drives which require external power source ?

I was leaning towards the 1 TB WD my passport ultra or 2 TB external Seagate GoFlex Hard disk
or SEAGATE STBV2000300 3.5 inch 2TB USB 3.0 Expansion Desk

Please recommend the more reliable models.from your experience not necessarily from the above 2

One more query..

My USB 3.0 ports are only at the back of the computer.
So it is difficult for me to reach there.
Can I use a USB extender cable to help me to attach the external HDD to the computer without losing the transfer speed and data integrity?

Thanks for advising
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JJ the great

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If you are using it with laptop on trips Portable are best both from Seagate & WD I have 5 both 1 & 2 TB from 2 from Seagate & 3 from WD
3.5 INCH drive requires external power via adapters & they are bulky so portables are best
Reliability of both brands are similar depending on your usage don't see movies directly from it as it makes the drive more hot that can lead to degradation in life just copy the movies to your laptop watch it & delete & repeat the process
When it start making noise get ready for failure so buy another one & if u have some collectible stuff in it back it up that's all.



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If warranty is a factor for you: WD Passport Ultra has better warranty compared with WD Elements.


Hi shravank30,
I agree with JJ the great, Criminal & Jambumali, in addition to that buying a hard drive depends on your budget as well. You may consider WD My Passport Ultra (New!) or My Passport Ultra Metal.
You may visit the link below for specs. You can also see the comparison of both the drives, and it would be easy for you to choose.

Hope it helps.


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@shravank30 I would suggest getting a WD one. For USB3.0 get a cable for extension. I am using a cable bought locally for 150 bucks. tested it for any speed degradation but found it to be satisfactory.


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WD has introduced a 3TB PORTABLE drive for 199$. Slated to be released tomorrow in USA. Not sure about Indian release :)