Reliance offering 4mbps Unlimited without FUP for 1100?

just an update on the awesome reliance service in east delhi.....connection got installed on 5th Nov and since then i am getting < 256kbps on thunder 4mbps plan :hail: and i keep on opening requests with CC and their "network" tema keeps on closing it without any resolution and communication to me :).............

I am soooooooooooooo glad i didn't disconnect MTNL BB connection i have :D
Bro you need to get aggressive & tactically strong to deal their dumb & lazy CC.
I know Reliance sucks at services front but try to think out of the box to deal with situation.
Few handy solutions would be like never talk to executive directly, say call ur supervisor or floor manager, be bold in your tone etc etc...
Many people complained over same problem you are facing, even one has mentioned a good way to deal with them, read starting pages of this thread. He has got number of some higher official in Reliance BB.
Anyone got any break-through for bypassing Logging in reliance website before using Internet ????

My torrents r fu***d up in night, i think i must remind myself to login every 5-6hrs to do consistent download.
Basically what this script do? Refresh the page ? Sorry don't know that why asking.

Dont know for sure but going by its name, it would automatically login after some hours so you dont have to wake up in the night to login again for downloading torrents in night.
Hassle free downloading without interrupting your sleep


I don't know yet whether this is just a bug or BSNL's response to this, but I've been getting 1mbps on my 750UL connection since yesterday. Of course, yes, I had used up my fup earlier in the month.


should i go for the 4mbps plan or the 2mps one ? [unlimited]
asking cause many people hear have been saying that the 4mbps thunder plan isnt as good as advertised
Do they get in touch with customer interested in getting their connection ? Its been a week since I filled the form and no contact yet :-/ ...