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RHA - MA750 Wireless Earphones

excellent condition used for 1 hour only

3 years warranty available

amazing sound quality

unboxed , all original box contents available .

Like new condition with original box, bill etc

no low balling please

Description for Rha MA750 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones (Black)
Enjoy high quality sound with the brilliant RHA MA750 Wireless Earphone. The earphones are very easy to maintain and are extremely portable making it ideal for everyday use. The earphones are sure to give you a satisfying music experience thanks to its High-resolution 560.1 driver while the noise isolation feature ensures you can hear distortion free music. The design of the earphone makes it fit snugly into your ears and stays fit comfortably inside your ear while also giving you a better musical experience. The pair of earphones are built with 303F grade stainless steel which not only adds to the durability of the earphones but also enhances the audio quality you experience. The eye catching design makes it an extremely viable option for everyday use.

Amazing Performance

Experience high resolution audio like never before as the RHA MA750 Wireless Earphone come with High-resolution 560.1 driver which ensures you enjoy sound like never before. RHA�s Aerophonic housing design ensures balanced and accurate audio reproduction making the pair of earphones a must have for all your daily music needs. The built-in microphone with a universal three button remote gives you an amazing calling experience and also allows easy functionality.

Comfortable and Stylish

Apart from delivering high quality sound, the earphones are extremely comfortable and easy on the ears. The canal phone design allows the earphone to fit snugly inside the ear canal and they also provide superior isolation from outside noise without resorting to more costly electronic noise-cancellation features. The IPX4 sweat and splash proof design allow you to use it anywhere without the fear of easy damage. The 303F grade stainless steel not only adds to the durability of the earphones but also enhances the audio quality you experience. The stylish design and low maintenance pair of earphones are an ideal option for everyday use

  • High-Resolution 560.1 Driver
  • IPX4 Splash And Sweatproof
  • Noise Isolating Design
  • Built-In Microphone With Universal Remote
  • 12 Hour Battery Life


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Deal done payment done, booking for one day delivery via wefast, order picked up will be delivered today itself
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