FS: Headphone RHA T10i and Sony WF-XB700 (Amazon Renewed)

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Item Condition
4 out of 5
Payment Options
  1. Bank Transfer
Purchase Date
Nov 15, 2019
Shipping Charges
Excluded - at actuals
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  1. Yes
Remaining Warranty Period
None, except for the Sony WF-XB700 which has five months seller warranty
Invoice Available?
Reason for Sale
Not in use; need money
RHA T10i Earphone
This is one of the first purchases I made on HPZ in 2019 and has been my primary driver for past couple of years apart from the Bose QC20. However these have been kind of neglected as I now find myself reaching more for my BLONs and headphones. These are one of the hardiest earphones I have used with a steel build and has the three filter system (‘treble’, ‘bass’ or ‘reference’). You get great bass with a wide soundstage but you can modify the sound signature using the filters. These have been used a lot but they have been maintained in good condition. Accessories include extra tips, pouch and 2 additional pair of filters.
Asking Price : Rs. 4500/-

Sony WF-XB700 (Amazon Renewed)

Got these cheap in Jan 2021 as I was looking to try out TWS but fit in ear was not very good. The first set was defective (one earbud was not charging) and I got it immediately replaced. The new set works perfectly fine. Amazon Renewed gives seller warranty for six months and I have the bill as well. All accessories including box available. Letting this go as I need money and the fit was not very comfortable.
Asking Price : Rs. 3500/-

Please note that none of the above have any warranty except for the Sony WF-XB700 which has five months seller warranty left. Shipping will be all extra on actuals, via DTDC.
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