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Up for sale is my Samsung Galaxy Captivate i897 phone. It is in mint condition without any scratches on it.

Details are as follows:

  • Product Name: Samsung Galaxy Captivate i897
  • Expected Price: Rs. 13000 Rs. 12500
  • Shipping charges: Rs. 600 for insured shipping
  • Product specifications: Samsung i897 Captivate - Full phone specifications
  • Reason for Sale: Upgrade time
  • Product condition: 9 out of 10
  • Purchase Date: About 1 year
  • Shipping from: Bangalore
  • Shipping to: All over India, Local buyer,
  • Preferred courier: DTDC Insured shipping
  • Payment options: Cash or bank transfer
The phone comes with a lot of accessories as well.

  1. The phone itself
  2. Charger, USB Data cable
  3. 2 GB memory card
  4. The phone has a gadgetshield full body screen protector on it from day 1 of usage
  5. A spare Samsung original 1650 mAh battery comes with the phone. The original battery is 1500mAh, so the other one lasts a bit longer.
  6. Headset
  7. 2 Body glove cases. One being used ever since I bought the phone and other a spare one.
  8. A couple of extra scratch protectors. 3 Antiglare and 4 clear.
  9. A TV out cable for the phone. (works with Gingerbread, no TV out support present in ICS)
  10. 1 local TPU case white in color. The Body glove cases are much better though.
My asking price for all of this is Rs. 12500. Bangalore buyers will be preferred. For shipping, I would prefer insured shipping which should cost about Rs. 600. Propose to split that 50-50. For negotiations and offers, kindly use the PM route.

More pics can be seen at https://picasaweb.google.com/106820978048391079298/SamsungGalaxyCaptivate



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please upload side images of the phone.the back side of you has some part in silver color ,what to see where the silver portion ends side ways.


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@mokhan, the side pics and other pics are available at the link I have pasted in the original thread. I can assure you that the back of the phone is in absolute pristine condition and it has a full body (side + front + back) scratch guard applied on it since day 1.
I will try and post some better pictures in day light during the weekend. Weekdays are office days so it's difficult to find sunlight and me at home at the same time.
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