Samsung Galaxy R - a good choice?


Hi guys,

A couple of weeks back i planned to change ma "outdated" iphone 2g and to buy a smartphone with android OS.Previously my plan was to buy Galaxy SLi9003 but in between while reading some reviews in here and other forums i thought about extending my budget and to buy Galaxy R.

Two days back i found a very nice deal in ebay but the phone was selling out like hotcake before i could make the transfer the seller ended the listing.I'm planning to do the purchase with EMI with my HDFC credit card.

Eventhough the rate in Flipkart was high i thought of buying it from flipkart but unfortunately it also moved to out of stock now.I'am watching ebay to buy the item wheneve the phone get listed with 20k pricetag.

Please help me out to find a trustworth online deal with HDFC emi option.

Please also comment whether i made the right decision for going galaxy R in 20k budget.

Thanks in advance guys...
No luck with Galaxy R locally

I guess its Defy, for me online looks cheaper than local. Min I got was 16k.


Guys im facing a strange problem with my Galaxy R...

It goes like this...whenever my phone is going outside of the service provider's coverage area...EDGE connectivity is not getting established again..It is like the E symbol on the status bar won't appear unless untill i restart my phone...

I had tried activating and deactivating the datatraffic option ,tried to put the phone in flight mode and reconnected to netword..check the data traffic and unchecked it...i tried almost all options..

Is it because of some ROM issue...I haven't modified the stock rom which is having...

Well i think it may not be a hardware issue since while restarting connectivity is ther and working flawlessly..

i'm using the might DOCOMO as my provider...

Please help me out guys

Samething happened to me after i installed Juice Defender. Do you use Juice Defender ?

Even i am on DOCOMO.


I haven't installed juice defender...but i have installed android booster and Advanced task killer...Does it have anything to do...? did you fixed this issue???

first of first...there is practically no justified use of a task manager in android...secondly either use android booster or advanced task killer coz asaik they both are task managers so using both at a time is never recommended, n lastly try to disable your task managers and other task controller\manager\killer program or so (whether its 3rd party or system one) then check this issue is resolved or not. As you are on stock ROM and after all this, we can very well go for blaming DoCoMo for this