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Sep 24, 2017
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Upgraded to K20
Selling my trusty S7 which has served me good for almost 2 years now.
The phone was used with good care. Never dropped it so no dents anywhere. Always used with a back cover so back side is still as good as new.
Initially I used a tempered glass on it but due to curved edges there would be bubble gaps and hence I decided to use the phone without it.
Even after a year and half of using it like that, there are no major scratches on the display. There are a few minor ones which are visible only if you go looking for it. In no way does it hamper the viewing experience.

I also have the complete box contents. The earphone was never used and still in mint condition. Only the charging cable is visibly dirty. All other accessories are available.

I bought the K20 recently and it didn't feel that much of an upgrade compared to the S7.
After using the K20 for last 2 weeks, today as I started moving stuff from the S7 and resetting it, I noticed that using the S7 has a very different feel to it.
The haptic feedback, the glass build quality, the phone's weight, slimness and form factor all gives a very premium feel. Guess that is what is called the flagship experience!
Now I'm having double thoughts on whether the K20 was a good purchase or not.

Noteworthy features :-
  • Super AMOLED display with QHD resolution which tops even my newly purchased K20 in terms of vibrancy and quality
  • Water resistance
  • 4GB RAM and Exynos 8890 Octa Core chipset
  • Wireless charging
  • Great design and premium looks
  • Perfect form factor which makes one handed usage easier

Please note that I have unlocked the bootloader and installed a custom ROM on it which removed all bloatware. The user experience is same as the stock ROM and I have retained just the basic samsung apps like Music, Health, Camera etc. Link - https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s7/development/teamexykings-lightrom-8-0-t3793950
This ROM is unlike other custom ROMs which are based on AOSP and degrade the camera quality, don't support VoLTE and also have sounds issues.
This ROM doesn't have any of those problems since everything works just like in stock version.
Only issue I faced with this ROM was that the UPI payment option didn't work with some of the apps like iMobile and such. Although there is a setting in Magisk which will hide the root status and allow to use the payments app. So that worked with PhonePe, PayTm n such.
I would advise any potential buyer to use the phone with the currently installed custom ROM since there are no more official updates from Samsung. But atleast the people at XDA are still releasing new updates for their ROMs. But in case you need the stock ROM, I can install that too before selling it.

Kindly PM me for any queries, suggestions etc. instead of giving this thread free bumps :)
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