Samsung i200

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FOR SALE - Samsung i200 ----- PHONE SOLD TO SINGAM (24/12/2010)

Warranty - 10 months warranty left-- should anything go wrong with the phone, Samsung offers a direct upgrade to i780.

Condition - 10/10 - bill/box/accessories will be provided

Reason for Sale - Need money for personal reasons


Windows mobile 6.1 upgradeable to windows mobile 6.5


Mobile office with word,excel,powerpoint

various smartphone apps-opera/google maps,yahoo and facebook apps etc

2 mp camera

2 - 3 days battery life - depending on usage

pdf reader

A high quality screen/scratch guard has also been applied. the phone has been sparingly used and is in top notch condition

The phone was reviewed here by me -

The phone does not include a memory card. Serious buyers will be entertained. There will be no negotiation on the price.


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I have queries:

The screen looks slightly scratched in the pics. Is it on the scratchguard or is there no scratchguard??

Also, what is the retail price of this phone?? I have never seen it & it feels pretty good to me at the price.

Free Bump & Best Wishes for the sale (But I am seriously considering buying it....!!! :p).


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you got it for 3245 and selling it for 3500 shipped :O

pm me if you are willing to price it reasonably sir :)
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