User Review Samsung Level U Bluetooth Earphones

Product: Samsung Level U Bluetooth Earphones

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Purchase Price: Rs. 2499/- (but usually found for Rs. 2800/-)

  1. Non In Ear canal Design (cons for some).
  2. Multi Point Connectivity.
  3. One set Ear Gels with ear locking (not sure of the word) provided, it helps to lock the earbuds in place.
  4. Great Battery life

  1. Not great for music in noisy environments, especially due to not being in ear canal.
  2. No charging cable in box.
  3. Ear Gels with the ear locking (not sure of the word) only provided one, others are regular ones.
  4. During multipoint connectivity, playback on other device does not stop when call / notification comes on the first connected device.
  5. Sometimes while moving, they roll off on one side.


Since we were doing WFH, and all communication with office folks was done using either skype for business or Microsoft Teams, I was always using my Apple earpods wired earphones and it works fine. Then, I also started using my Bose sound sport wired earphones. But I wanted something wireless and one of my most important criteria was that it needs to be NON IN EAR CANAL which is what one usually finds these days. Also multi point was absolutely needed as I want to be able to connect to 2 devices simultaneously as I sometimes watch TV shows on tablet at home when doing work (on slower days).

Airpods was one consideration but obviously it is super pricey and also it does not support multipoint. Finding something for my need almost seemed impossible. Also because I wanted to continue using these bluetooth earphones in office later (whenever office starts) so in ear canal would not be right option for me. Then I stumbled up the Samsung Level U which isn't really something with great rating and reviews. Although I did reviews, it soon became that the reviews were non factor and since the earphones seem to be sufficing my needs, I went ahead and bought.

There are similar looking knockoffs available on amazon and I would have saved money buying those but instead bought original one itself. After using these for 2 months, I can see I love them for the utility they offer me. I can take my office calls over it when the bluetooth is connected to laptop. Multipoint works great except one problem that say I am working and watching something on my tablet and a phone call comes on skype / teams, the video on tablet will not pause but audio will. With my LG Neckband HBS-A100 earphones, the video too stops. Not a deal breaker.

I once decided to use the samsung ones outside while going in auto rickshaw and some light walking too but I had to keep audio really loud to be able to hear any music. This is why I would not recommend for noisy environments. But nevertheless, for my purpose, the non in ear canal design is great and since they provide one set of ear gels with the ear fangs to lock in the earuds in your ears, I don't fear they will fall. I hope they last a long time and battery life is great as well.

Any questions, you may have, please post here and I will try to answer.


I have one level U flex bought second hand from market section.Battery lasts for 3,4 but i only use them to listen phone calls.These level u and flex are really good for money i spent.


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I have one level U flex bought second hand from market section.Battery lasts for 3,4 but i only use them to listen phone calls.These level u and flex are really good for money i spent.
I guess flex is the one where the earbuds go inside ear Canal? I had considered those but due to ear canal buds I didn't want.
The level U is comfortable for my 6 year old since his ears are too small for those in ear canal buds and the level U with wings gives a nice fit. He uses them for his online classes. Not anything else.