FS: Laptop Samsung N148 Netbook Mini Laptop Intel Atom/2GB/160GB

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Jan 1, 2011
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Samsung N148 Netbook

Intel Atom 1c/2t 1.7Ghz
2GB ram (ddr2 I think)
160gb hard disk
Windows 10 Genuine (Did the windows 7 to windows 10 upgrade offer back in 2016, freshly installed Nov 2019 build, got activated automatically)
Wifi, lan, camera, mic, speakers all work
10.1" screen - 1024x600

This laptop is very slow, intel atom was low end cpu in 2010, its just barely runs nice enough today
The charger has some bite marks done by my pet rabbit (its dead, natural causes 2017), chewed through one side, it was repaired and it works
Battery life is a bit iffy (10 years old now), haven't tested for battery life but when power went out for 30 minutes during windows initialization after install, it didn't shut down (couldn't see battery percentage)
Wouldn't trust the windows battery estimate

How can it be used today?

1. Practice laptop for children, has some dings and dents, quite abuse friendly. Maybe get them comfortable with a keyboard and mouse maybe?

2. Install a lightweight linux on it, run a pihole on it, enjoy ad free internet for everyone at home, low power usage, could run this 24x7 alongside router

3. Maybe install freenas/truenas like stuff and install an ssd and use it for backups? (i am just out of ideas here now)

Note- I haven't tried installing linux, not sure if everything will work, you are welcome to try

Only doing local trades, not shipping right now
cash/upi/paytm as per your preference

dm me for any queries

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