Other Samsung S9 with water damage, need to repair it, issue mentioned below


My Samsung s9 got water damaged (rain water not salt water) and I got it checked from a well reputed mobile repair guy in my city. He checked it completely and came up with the conclusion that the "charge IC" or charging IC was shorted and needed replacing (essentially a motherboard level repair). According to him rest all his fine.
He kept the phone for few days but couldn't find the IC and suggested that if he can't find an IC we need to source another dead s9 and get the IC from that. Currently he has returned the phone and it's with me.

Now I need suggestions of where I can go to get it fixed, I have access to Bhubaneshwar and Kolkata currently but I am ok with shipping this for repair elsewhere.
If anyone knows where I can get it repaired (motherboard IC change)?
Thanks for your help!


Mine is S9+ same water damage isssue , phone is dormant for past 2.5 years. Sim Card not getting recognized.
Gave it to Samsung Service centre locally , they said nothing to do.
Tried Another Samsung service centre in nearby city of Siliguri, they kept the phone for 3 days and said will try to repair the board.But atlast gave me back the phone with screws missing.
Then I gave this to one famous road side shops in Kolkata chandni market (impressive reviews in google), he tried whole day could't.
Wanted the phone for couple of weeks to get it done from somewhere , but didn't revealed where. I was sceptical. Looked for boards that time it was arround 19k. Left the phone for time.
Now the main board is available for 8.5k which is imported from hongkong. still in a fix what to do.
To my surprise not many do board repairs. Most are scams.


Guys if its the charging IC then its not the motherboard. This board is also known as the daughter board .

This board houses the charging port, the headphone jack and also the network IC .

It costs 4k at samsung service centres. I got it replaced twice because of water damage issues.

This is the first part that takes a hit when the phone is damaged by water and the first indication is it stops recognizing the SIM.