Samsung Vibrant mobile phone mint

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Product Name: Samsung Vibrant mobile phone in mint condition, carrier unlocked.

Expected Price: Rs 12,000/-

Time of Purchase: January 2012.

Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No | 0 Months. However I'll provide 3 days testing warranty from my side. The seller can test the phone in any way without flashing ROM.

Reason for Sale: Extra phone.

Purchase Invoice Available: No

Product Condition: Excellent, atleast 9/10 or better.

Accessories Included: Original box (IMEI no doesn't match) , Original charger, USB cable, new extra back cover (purple), 2GB memory card.

Product Location: Kolkata

Preferred Courier: DTDC Plus with insurance or TNT

Shipping Charges: Free

Payment Options: Bank transfer


The phone is in excellent condition. Like new. Almost no perceptible scratches anywhere. Some very few minor rub marks on the blue back cover that is installed.

Working flawlessly, unlocked.

Detailed photos:


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These are two different phones - both are Vibrant. But the condition differs. That is why I included MINT in this one and GOOD CONDITION in the other.
Have u bought it as a brand new or used? Do u have this bill?

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I know how it feels
. That's why I always use the fastest possible service and also sends the phone fully charged.
Phone shipped by DTDC Plus, tracking no. PMed.

As usual, I'll provide 3 days testing warranty. You can test the phone in anyway but CAN'T flash any custom ROM. You can install applications and games.
Details recieved. Waiting for phone. Will update once i get the phone.

P.S THANKS tech.addict for keeping the promise and shipping as said.
. So kind of you mate....
Received the phone just now from DTDC. And to admit it The phone is in exact condition as described. Very much happy with the phone. And yea i know i hav 3 days yet for testing the phone. Will update once again after 3 days. As of now i am very pleased with this deal.

Thank you tech.addict.. Leaving you a iTrust score. Wish you do the same to me
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